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wedding gifting

6 Apr

In this day and age where etiquette rules are made to be broken, your grandmother’s idea of a great wedding gift is probably not your idea of a great gift. Now, I’ve never been married, but I’ve attended many a wedding in the past couple of years.

pinterestI think times are changing, but that doesn’t give me a really clear picture of what to buy on someone’s big day. To be real, I think we’re all making it up as we go.

Registries, to be real I don’t love them. That being said, I think they are a necessary evil. If 200 people were all going to buy me gifts, of course I’d love to give them some direction. Thank your registry for the fact that you got one toaster and not seven. Unless you have friends and relatives who don’t understand how to use a registry and you still got seven. Lucky you, that’s a lot of toast.

People register for what they want, that’s what you should get them. It’s easy and some places even wrap the gift for you.

My mom has been to thousands and thousands (slight exaggeration) of weddings and showers, and has a few go-to’s.

1. Vacuum- She has a Dyson and swears by it. It’s her fourth child. If you are especially close to her and register for a similar vacuum, she will probably want to get it for you. My friend DR also goes to a lot of weddings. He told me that he always picks some type of alcohol glass off the registry. I guess napkin rings aren’t his jam.

2. Money- I like this one too. Just some cash to spend on a honeymoon or a giftcard to somewhere practical. Of course, I add a heartfelt message in a Hallmark card too. Is this the most exciting gift to receive? No, but on a day you get 200 new things, I’m ok with giving a useful gift. I always do giftcards for couples who get married in a different city than the one they live. Giftcards are easy to move.

3. Diapers- Mom always gets diapers for people having babies. Not so much to newlyweds.

pinterestNow with Pinterest, any fool with a glue gun thinks she’s Martha Stewart (myself included). Is it kosher to craft wedding and shower gifts? Or should we just stick to crafting for our own homes? Would you hang someone’s craft at your house? It probably depends on who’s crafting.

Sometimes I’ll run across something perfect for the bride or the couple and buy it for them. Venturing off the wedding registry is not for the faint of heart. Generally, I only do this for people I am really close with, certainly not everyone. Definitely not for the type of person who expects people to stick to the registry.

My favorite gifts that I have wedding gifted are art pieces. It’s more tricky territory though. I recognize not everyone shares my “bold” decorating and style sense (read: “often gaudy”). Before buying I ask myself and trusted sources, would the couple really love this? Would this work with their style? With some of the things they already own? I have to be 100% sure before I buy something that can’t go back.

So is it fair to stray from the registry for close friends? Are you pro-giftcard? Former brides (are would you consider yourself brides still? Once a bride, always a bride?), what did you like getting the best?

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here & there

16 Feb

This post is neither here nor there. It’s just from scribbles in my notebook on a list called “Blog Ideas.”  I was getting ready to enter it into a Google Doc, but then I thought to myself, “Self, just blog it already.”

I tried to weave it into one post, not sure if it will work.

The Grammys- not a credible award show. As Alex likes to mention, the Baha Men have a Grammy. I would like to point out that Chris Brown is still getting nominated. Woof.

Justin Timberlake at the Grammys? Delightful. I just love him.

katniss dressSpeaking of JT, I decided when we get married I want to walk down the aisle of Alicia Key’s This Girl is on Fire. To be real, I get washed out in white. I think I’ll just wear Katniss’ flaming dress. Red’s just so much more me.

I wish I was kidding about that last part. This weekend I’m going to do some research on open flame allowances in churches.

Before we get married, in my flaming red dress, can I ask Justin to get his hair trimmed? Is that violating girlfriend rules? We would technically fiancées by then… Do you ask your significant other to get a haircut when things start looking rough on top? How about exboyfriends? Haha, just kidding.

I know, I know. Long hair is all the rage for dudes right now. I like the high and tight a little, but I like short, sharp, sporty hair the best. Definitely no ponytails.

Full houseUnless you’re John Stamos. Then you can have lovely 90’s hair and still rock it.

John is a little old for me. He’s 49, and that enters dad territory. What a shame, because Shannon Stamos sounds awesome. To spare my family the weirdness, I’ll settle for JT.

Of course I’ll invite John to the wedding. He can sit in the choir loft between Garth Brooks and Beyonce.  I imagine all of my celebrity guests will sit up there so my family won’t get distracted taking photos of them during the wedding.

Beyonce’s wedding gift to me will be 30 sets of 1000 thread count sheets made of Egyptian cotton. The ones she must use herself.

Why 30? I decided the other night while getting into my freshly washed sheets that a clean bed could be one of the world’s best feelings. As I was drifting off to sleep,  I thought to my self, “Self, Beyonce probably changes her sheets every night.”

In order to avoid doing laundry more than once a month (real life, people), I’ll need 30 sets.