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To Do in 2013

4 Jan

Cheers to 2013 happy new year
My list of resolutions for the new year:

Eat a pomegranate. Are these even available in Missouri?

Leave the country. Just for vacation.

ladiesWrite more. Maybe I’ll try a paper journal this year? Who knows.

Appear as a guest on the Ellen show.

Try two new recipies each month.

Go to Spanish Mass more often.

Simplify my belongings. Do I really need all this stuff?

Take more pics on my new camera.

Be a better friend by calling and catching up more often.

Josh and IBe a better daughter by calling and catching up more often.

Make videos for fun.

Read books that make me laugh and cry.

Try not to nap on weekdays. (Woof)

Learn a new skill.

Sew things that I’ve been pinning.


Here’s the 2011 Edition and 2012 Edition. What are you working on this year?

Oh, and more of these.

Oh, and more of these.