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equality & slack-tivism

27 Mar

If you are a member of any social network, you’ve probably watched your feed blow up in the last two days. Tons of this:

marriage equalityThose red equals signs are posted by people who support gay marriage rights. As what could and most likely will become a historical supreme court case boils in Washington, we take to social media to duke it out.

Some people are saying, the supreme court justices will never see you Facebook profile picture. They could not be more right. I’ve seen the phrase “slack-tivism” used to describe my generation who is quick to post a picture on Facebook, but less likely to actually send money or volunteer. Although social media is not the most effective of all of the ways to approach a topic, I think it is an easy and cheap way to get the ball rolling.

I’m not going to try to change your mind in this blog post or with what I wrote on Facebook and Twitter, that’s not the point. I support gay marriage for a long list of reasons. I’d love to tell you all about it over a fancy dinner. Senator Claire McCaskill nailed it here, I have to say I agree with her on this one.

Generally, talking politics or religion (although I would argue this is a matter of the former, not the later) is tacky and fruitless. We should probably stay away from those topics the first time we meet, and save them for a period in our friendship when we’re a little closer. A little more understanding of each other and where we come from, who we are.

Rick Warren

But once we get to that point in our friendship, we should talk about gay marriage. We should share how we feel about abortion and contraception. Let’s chat about the Affordable Care Act. What do you think of national debt? We should try to understand each other’s views on the war in the Middle East. I want to know what makes you go to church and why you read the bible.

If we spend too much time immersed in groups of like-minded people, we never understand. We never grow. I’m not saying we’ll change our minds, actually I’m fairly sure we will not. But Camelot’s Court isn’t healthy.

Our politicians and church leaders set a terrible example of dialogue for us. They tell us not to listen to the haters. Ok, maybe rappers say that, but either way, it’s time to listen. Even if we can’t totally agree, we can find some middle ground. Maybe then we can solve some problems.

Throwing down a bible verse or posting a photo isn’t the end, it should be the beginning of a compromise or at least understanding.

Although we may not see a decision until early this summer, at least we are having some big conversations.

Paula Dean for equalityC’mon, that’s just funny.



My life, on Twitter

16 Jul

Now back to regularly scheduled programing… Sorry I’ve been out of commission for the past two weeks. I’m cooking up some great posts. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been up to Twitter-style, plus commentary. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you should probably get on that too.

Two weeks ago, Josh’s sister and Alex got married! Naturally, they created a hashtag for the wedding #Heffernanderson so all the guests could tweet up a storm.

It was a beautiful wedding and quite the dance party. Here’s a janky Blackberry photo of some wedding dancing that can also be found on Twitter.

And, I got to see Josh, so that was cool.

The following week I took vacation from work and hung out with my parole officers parents for the whole week.  I thought it would be relaxing, but we kept really busy. I also tried on my bridesmaid dress for this upcoming weekend and by some miracle of sweet baby Jesus, it fit!

As you can see, it’s been SO DRY in Missouri lately. Many of the fireworks displays were cancelled because they were afraid of fire. I also got to spend some time with my little brosky who discovered engagement photos.

This one’s a retweet, but it seriously was a million degrees.

I spent the Fourth of July, aka my mom’s birthday in my aunt’s pool with my parents and aunt and uncle. It was low key and we ate a lot of delicious food. Ah, they keep me young!

The Fourth really is my favorite holiday. I just love America and yes, the bikini made an appearance.

My mom and I went to the Muny twice that week. We saw Chicago and Aladdin. Both were wonderful! I’ve been lucky to make quite a few shows this summer! Really people, let’s learn some show manners though. If you really need to text and talk that bad, maybe you should stay home.

Then this really happened. What, your dad doesn’t go to the blacksmith? Weird.

Last Friday night Kristen and I went to a Third Eye Blind concert under the arch. It felt like a really sweaty version on high school. Would you pass up the chance to sing Semi Charmed Life with 10,000 people? I still know every word.

Saturday was an all-day bachelorette party for my cousin Jen who’s getting hitched this weekend. We did a little bit of everything: go carts, mini golf, bumper boats, dancing, swimming, eating, presents, makeovers, line dancing and a mechanical bull. Here is my attempt:

Also, my nine-year old cousin said:

Why was that my only tweet of the night?? Oh well, lots of cousin fun! Then it was back to work for me. Does anyone else have this problem?

The end of last week was spent filming our new commercial for the hospital, which was way too much fun. Here’s one of our actors and The General (the cat).

They are going to be epic and air during the olympics here in mid-Missouri. I am also in one of them, no big deal!! So I’ll be sure to post them. More from that adventure:

I’m still working on my online class. This is a frustrated tweet inspired by a conversation we had on the discussion board. Really, I thought everyone had a radio, even if your parents didn’t let you listen to Katy Perry.

This weekend Kate came to town for our roomie Katie’s wedding. On Friday night she got a taste of my STL friends which meant drinking Bud Light Lime and singing.

But Katie and Woody’s wedding was so perfect. It was simple and elegant, which is Katie to a T. They were clearly having so much fun. It was great to be part of their special day and you know that I love any chance to sing Nelly on the dance floor. Woody fiddled with the bluegrass band during cocktail hour and lead a sing-a-long to Wagon Wheel.

I know, I know what you’re thinking, “Shannon, could we please get some original content up in here?”

To you I say, yes! This week, along with packing, wedding prep (both mentally and physically), a class and everything else. But it will happen, promise.

TMI: A Love/Hate Relationship

12 Apr

With the eruption of social media and the internet on to the lush green landscape I call my life, I can confidently say I know more than my parents’ generation and my grandparents’ generation. I’m not talking about practical knowledge, not at all. They definitely know more useful things like how to bake bread and how to use a weed whacker. I mean, I’m sure I could learn but bread is cheap and I rent. What I’m talking about is knowing things about people.

Thanks to the Facebook, Twitter and every other social media, people live out loud, myself included. We talk about what we’re making or ordering in for dinner, we rant about our coworkers’ stinky food, we tell our moms happy mother’s day with a charming status and we complain about every workout, poor customer relations experience and episode of TV we meet. I really think I could tell you what TV shows almost all of my friends watch. Can my parents do that? No, absolutely not. Do they want to? No, they are busy respectable people too busy watching the Big Bang Theory, but don’t get me started on my feelings about that show.

So yeah, usually people are a little too open on social media and most people don’t care that you ran out of Lucky Charms this morning. Sometimes people really do care. Is there anything I love more than a silly photo of your cat?

Some of the biggest violators of TMI on pregnant women. Boy do I love it, really. First let’s clear the air, I am not pregnant. I would like to stay not pregnant for quite a while, but someday when I get my life together (and finish all my laser hair treatments and learn to quilt and have adult things like a garage and my own health care), I would like to have kids.

In the meantime, I would love nothing more than to read about your experience of gaining 30ish pounds and brining a little baby human to gestation. I think having a baby is the craziest miracle of all time. One day you’re hanging out, eating doritios going for runs in the park, then you’re harboring a small, growing child in you, then you have a real baby and you get to take it home. At least that’s how I understand the process of reproduction.

For someone who loves babies and is fascinated by weird stuff like that, I love me a good pregnancy status or tweet. I’m sure a lot of people are grossed out or think it’s an over share, because it is, but I want to know what you are craving. Please tell me how bad your feet hurt. Let’s talk about the best place to buy maternity clothes, because I really don’t know.

It’s crazy what some people write. When I binge eat, I am totally not proud of it. I don’t want anyone to know what happened to the half of a bag of chocolate chips I was going to “use for baking.” Pregnant ladies are the opposite. They eat like sumo wrestlers and then justify it by saying, “She/he (in reference to their fetus) really loves banana laffy taffy!” I’ve also seen pictures of positive pregnancy tests, that’s a special moment that I’m not sure you needed to share with the world, but ok.

Besides nosey people like me, isn’t it probably great for preggo women to have a community to share and discuss this period of your life where your body just goes nuts? I think that’s cool. And I’m so nosey.

So if you can’t offer me pregnancy updates, can you at least show me funny photos of you cat/dog/baby? Those are my other favorite things to read.

Look at me. I'm a pregnant lady eating.

Cool down, man

28 Feb

Hey friends & readers, sorry it’s been a while. Things have been straight cray at work and when I get home all I want to do is read about what’s going on in Westeros. I’ve been slacking.

After reading a status or a tweet or two, I realize it’s almost election time! How exciting! The political sphere is one of crazy candidates with bad and good ideas, bad and good hair and bad and good stances on bad and good issues! Oooh!

Luckily, this election won’t be decided until November, so we have at least nine more months of this. That’s enough time to have a baby, if you’re wondering.

That’s also a lot of time to see the opinions of many of my friends and follows via Facebook and Twitter (and Google+). Let’s be real, these are exhausting and repeat offenders will be removed from my timeline. Before social media, how did you even know how your friends felt about hot button topics like health care, social security and DADT? Bumper stickers?

Here’s the thing, the Internet is the greatest. I’m a firm believer in free speech and expression, especially on the Internet. I have a blog for crying out loud. Your Facebook page and your Twitter are great outlets for discussion and political chat, but let’s lay out some ground rules so this doesn’t get nasty or annoying come November.

1. Your opinion is YOUR OPINION. Let’s not play off any opinions as facts, or worse, common sense. I understand you can’t understand the other side of the coin, but at least admit that there is another side. Oh and respect it. No, I don’t think aliens are real (no offense to any extraterrestrials reading this blog), but if that’s your thing, fine by me. Please don’t try to prove it to me and I won’t argue with you. Let’s practice this one, “I think…” You can even copy and paste it into your status if you’d like, I won’t be mad.

2. Let’s be respectful of all religions and no religions. Let’s keep this straight politics and argue about religion the three off years. That’s great if your religion influences your political choices, many argue that it should. Don’t push your politics in my face or your religion.

3. Vote. Please, just vote. In real life, at a polling place.

4. Expect conversation. Honestly, it’s the coolest thing about social media. People can reply and discuss things with you. If you’re going to post, don’t just expect a lot of likes, unless you only post cute puppies and babies.

5. Let conversation happen.  Do not delete comments other people make (unless they truly are offensive and not just to your ego or point of view). Part of my job is social media managing and not all of our comments are positive. Unlike many famous communist dictators, we do not delete them. We deal with them in a customer service manner. Let the people talk, that’s why we do social media, remember?

6. No more than one politically-inspired post per day. That’s all I can handle. People are just going to hide your from your feed and then you’re not being heard at all.

7. No bad words. If you drop an F-bomb in your status, I automatically think your mom should probably take away your computer time until the weekend. Let’s talk about politics like big kids and leave the swear words out.

How much would I love to post some screen shots of a few of my recent offenders? So much, but that’s not nice. You know who you are anyways.

As in the past, I will try to stay away from politics. I cannot promise to stay away from women’s issues though. Probably the moral of this post is only be friends with people who think exactly like you so you’re never offended. And God Bless America.

Social Media: Snow day style

4 Feb
snow day

On Tuesday night. This is by far the most snow I've ever seen!

I spent my first and only three snow days of college working from the couch. While most of my friends were watching movies and baking, I was assisting the newsroom by posting stories and Tweeting from home. It was exciting to watch our coverage unfold and see the fruits of Janet and Courtney from the newsroom.

Darren woke me up with a phone call at 5:45 am on Tuesday (MU’s first snow day) to tell me the website was hacked. Since bad weather had already began, it was important to keep the site up and current because we hosted KOMU’s list of school closings.

I looked at the Dremweaver site, but there was nothing there except a message from Sophia’s hacker group. Right away I called the developers and they were able to fix it in less then 30 minutes.

The rest of the day I posted stories and did little site maintenance. I got a steady stream of e-mails and texts from the station keeping me in the loop. Continue reading