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2 Apr

I wish this was about an Usher song. It’s not.

I, Shannon, did not run 100 miles as I challenged myself to do at the beginning of April. I wanted to post this yesterday, but I didn’t want people to think I was April Foolin.

When I blog about something, suddenly I’m responsible for it. Same with saying things out loud (perhaps our politicians need to learn this too). Call Me Shannon was holding me responsible for finishing those 100 miles. I wrote about it, it was real.

I made it about halfway. Actually, I ran 59 miles in 22 days.

It’s not bad, nothing to be ashamed of, but I didn’t reach my goal. And I don’t like that.

On March 19, after running a four miler (and a six the day before), my knee felt a little weird. It did the next day too and the day after that, it hurt. Like knives. So I took it easy, thinking a few days off and I’d just run extra hard the last week.

100 miles in march 2013

When the final week of March rolled around, I realized that I would not be running. I talked to a PT at work and she checked it out. She doesn’t think it’s anything serious, but told me to rest and start running shorter distances when the pain goes away. Probably just a sprain.

I’m still not running. Even more frustrating is that I am writing this post and admitting that I’m not running. But I’m nothing if not honest. So you heard it from me, I didn’t make it.

April’s challenge will be writing the final research paper of my Mizzou career. That I will complete this month, even with a bum knee.


100 miles… so far

16 Mar

It’s update time! I told ya’ll a few weeks ago that I would be running 100 miles during March. Here’s the full post for more details.

So far, I’ve run 42 miles. 

A little behind, yes, but it’s still possible. I realize that I need to clock some longer runs in lieu of 3 or 4 milers. So far, I find it manageable to do a few miles each day, but harder to want to do a long run. I’ve always thought a 3 miler was my sweet spot. After that I remember that I’m running and I lose interest. It’s more mental than anything.

Mandy took this photo as I started mile #1 on March 1st. I was looking skeptical, at best. At that moment, I was seriously considering holding off until April.
March 1 RunThe really great thing about this picture, is if I get another one after mile #100, I’ll probably look like I lost 25lbs, thanks to that sweatshirt.

I don’t actually expect to see any weight loss for two reasons. First, I’m eating like a horse. Seriously, I’m hungry all of the time. I’m trying to eat things that my body will like, but I’m far from perfect. Lucky for me, it’s Shamrock Shake time! Second reason, I think I will be a little more toned and defined. Running builds muscle and I would like that as we slowly slip away from tights and boots season.

Along with eating like Mama June, I sleep like one of the past kings of Winterfell (GoT reference, March 31!). Seriously, I’m so ready for bed at 11 and I awake feeling refreshed at 7:05am. It’s the best feeling in the world. Consistent exercise is precious for my sleep schedule.

Just like last year, this challenge is really motivating. It makes me feel accomplished to come home after a run, stretch out and mark my mileage on the calendar. Having Erin, Kalya and my dad as company is also inspiring.

While I run, I’ve listened to a few episodes of This American Life and a whole lot of Super Bass. Like a whole lot. Perhaps there is a playlist post in my future so you will realize that I listen to the least cool music of all time.

100 miles, 1 month

25 Feb

Imagine me singing, “If ya wanna go and take a run wit me… (to the tune of Nelly’s Ride Wit Me).”

Last year I ran 100 miles during the month of April. You can read about it here and here. At the time, I didn’t know if I would actually do it, so I kept it on the DL until about halfway though.

from Pinterest This time, I’m feeling a little more confident and I know I need the push of being accountable to at least my dad, who reads this blog. March has 31 days and April only has 30. That extra day and some previous commitments that are already on the calendar have led to me to choose March to make this happen.

This year Erin is going to join me! She’s training for a half marathon the first weekend of April and she’s also getting into wedding dress shape for this summer. Even though we can’t run together, I’m excited to share updates and encouragement with my main bride to be and bestie.

Her schedule might have more structure and intention and my 100 miles will probably be more in the spirit of “Git ‘er done.” We can share playlists and virtually high five.

Erin and I both run. That means we are slightly prepared for this. I run 2-3 times a week, 2-3 miles each time. I’m not in great shape, but I’m to the point that it doesn’t hurt and I’m not huffing and puffing. If you haven’t ran in the past month, I don’t think you should start this challenge. You’ll hate me after a week.

If you’re a serious runner, this looks like chump change to you. I cannot run 10 miles for fun, but know that I admire you all greatly.

One hundred miles in 31 days breaks down to 3.22 miles a day. Everyday. That doesn’t sound awful until the everyday part.

Last year I tried to do at least 3 miles every weekday and longer runs on the weekend. By the end of the month, 4 mile weekdays were pretty regular. I also usually took one day off a week for my sanity and my muscles’ sake.

My two real goals are to have 50 miles by St. Pats (March 17) and 100 done on March 31.

I’ll post about our progress here, but this is not becoming a running blog. I’m no expert and I don’t have too much to say about it, besides that I do it.

I’ve found counting the miles to 100 is motivating and lends itself to some structure without being too rigid for my packed schedule. Maybe you can do it too! Post a comment if you want to join us!!

100 milesDownload the PDF here.


New shoes, new schedule, old read

13 Jun

Last night I went on a really great run. After my 100 miles in April, I’ve lost a little motivation to run as regularly. I went from daily in April, to 2 times a week in May, but now I’m back to 3-4 times a week which is where I want to stay. Yesterday I just wasn’t really feeling like it, but I decided to try out my new shoes.

I did a four mile, super hilly course around my house. I was nervous that the shoes might rub, but they felt nice compared to my old pair that I wore for almost two years. Even though I love to run, I just don’t get into the gear. I feel like my runs aren’t far/fast/serious enough to need expensive shoes. Someday when I need my knees replaced at age 35, I’ll be sorry. For now, the cheap stuff feels fine.

About halfway through, I realized I was actually having fun. Just me and some NPR podcasts kicking in my new sneaks.

The past two weeks have felt really full as I adjust to my “summer schedule” and my new class. So far the class is awesome. I like the online discussion, although the actual discussion board is a little clunky. It’s making me think more and I can feel my brain growing. Just kidding, but I am learning.

Grad school is a fancy word for “We’re going to tell you what to read.” I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love to read like Kate Middleton loves classic pumps, but I don’t really love being told what to do. Blame it on my oldest child need to be the boss complex or my free spirit. It just seems my own summer reading list has been cast aside for text-book stuff and poorly scanned PDF’s. #gradschoolproblems

After I finish as much of my class as I can for the night, I make sure to read something for fun too. I just finished F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.  It was a high school lit book, and I remember loving it.  Before the new movie comes out this summer, I wanted to reread it.

It was a good as I remembered it and really the perfect summer book. You know how everyone watches Christmas movies in the winter and you feel all in the Christmas spirit? I think we should all respect summer movies and books too. I mean, what makes you feel more ready for sunshine than reading about the beach. I think I relate better to sweaty characters when I’m actually sweating.

Well Gatsby is the perfect summer book. You should reread it too and then we can see the movie together? Ok, cool.

Running through my mind

29 May

It’s interesting to talk to other people who like to run for fitness or whatever, and compare what we listen to and think about while we’re jogging (say it with a silent J). Some people are all about the music, and usually a very specific genre and others can’t run with head phones at all.

I’m usually listening to music or a podcast (This American Life or the Moth) as I run. Especially, if it’s music, I’m not concentrating very hard. My mind wonders and sometimes I get mentally confrontational with my problems. Sometimes I get mentally confrontational with people who are bothering me as well. Luckily, I run my aggression out and try to let it go. I also have been known to draft blog posts in my head.

My all-time favorite running past-time is making appearances on my favorite talk shows, namely Ellen and Oprah (I know, her show is over, bummer). Ellen usually invites me on to talk about my latest book or my blog and we laugh and surprise each other.

She asks me questions and there is always a great audience giveaway, like home-made pot holders or roller skates or a car. She flashes my childhood photos on the big screen for the audience to ohh and ahh over. I tell hilarious childhood stories and Ellen and all her viewers with they were part of my family.

While all of this is going on in my head, my right knee is beginning to feel a little achey and I start up a hill.

I’m the only thing missing in this picture.

By this time my half of the interview is over and it’s time for Ellen to introduce her next guest of the day. Guess who it is… BEYONCE! I sit on the chair next to Beyonce (sometimes she asks me to hold baby Blue),  and laugh at her jokes. My hair and legs look pathetic next to the most perfect woman alive, but I don’t care.

She tells me that I’m an inspiration to her and I stop drooling for one second to tell her that she is MY hero. Ellen joins us for a group hug, but we’re careful not to squish the baby.

Next, Ellan asks Beyonce to sing Love on Top. She humbly agrees, but only if I will join her back up dancers. Polietly, I say, “Absofreakingloutely” and the video becomes viral on the internet by the next morning.

The next day, Beyonce usually calls me to go on tour with her and manage her social media, but other times she just calls to see if I can watch Blue during the Grammys. I say yes either way.

While I run I get upstaged by Beyonce and I’m totally ok with it. By this time I’m back at home and switching between laying on the floor and stretching on the floor. Sometimes they look uncannily alike.

Shannon’s Confesions

16 May

(please open up this in another browser window and let it play as you read this)

1. I try to be a nice person, but sometimes a sister has to unload. Then I do. Then I feel super bad for a little while for talking so much $hit.

2. I love lotion and qtips in my ears. I use both often.

3. About once a month I double book and accidentally try to do two things at once. It’s the worst.

4. My bad days keep the little drug store next door to my office in business. All candy bars are 75 cents!

5. I want to learn this whole dance.

6. I think Facebook should make it harder to upload your crappy cell phone pics. It should definitely not let you make it your profile picture. Thanks for that grainy, blury photo of you in a bathroom mirror. C’mon people, step up your game.

7. I really like staying in hotels.

8. My feet are disgusting. Between blisters from the reintroduction of sandals to my wardrobe and running callouses, I look like I’ve walked miles through a briar patch. Seriously, sick.

9. I cannot stand middle parts. The only people who look ok with them are the Kardashians.

10. Greek yogurt is not my thing. I know John Stamos is the spokesman, but I just can’t get on board.

11. The Big Bang Theory does not make me laugh. It’s picking on nerds and poor stereotypes. It also has a laugh track.

12. Do people still use yahoo mail?

13. I cannot wait to swim in a lake on a really hot day. I’m seriously counting down the days.

14. Kate Chizek, I’m coming for you this summer!

15. I have four weddings on my calendar between June 30 and August 18.

That’s all for now. More to come this week and weekend.

I did it!

1 May

I did it! I did it! I accomplished my goal for April: running 100 miles.

Let me begin by saying I was an idiot. I thought for some reason that April 30th was on Tuesday, not Monday. When I woke up on Monday and looked at the calendar, I realized I needed to run 11 miles instead of a 5 one day and a 6 the next. Eleven miles? Shannon are you crazy? Crazy is probably the only word to describe it.

Because I am a crazy woman, I did it. Honestly, I ran 11 miles because I challenged myself to do it. Although it rained all morning, I ran on the trail after work. My shoes and socks were so muddy when I got home, but I needed a hill-less, easy to count 11 miles, so the trail was a no-brainer.

If no one was around when I passed a mile-marker, I usually did my running dance. I was glad to be alone for almost two hours (I finished in 1:54) so no one could see my struggs. The longest run I’d ever done before yesterday was 8 miles, so on miles 9, 10 and 11, so I got more and more excited. When I finally stopped running my hips were pretty sore and the muscles above my knees felt like rocks. Not in a sexy way. My toes also feel very tender.

I walked like a solider coming home from ‘Nam and I couldn’t stop talking for the rest of the night. Runner’s high? Maybe.

Today, I actually feel pretty good. A little stiff, but not as bad as I expected. I feel really proud that I did that.

I am so grateful and amazed by my body. I kissed both of my knee caps while laying in bed last night and thanked them for being so awesome and running 11 miles with me. I mean, that’s pretty cool that I was able to do that, or at least I think so. Now I think I could probably run a half marathon, not fast or anything, but I think I could finish without dying.

In two weeks, I’m running in a 5k, which will hopefully feel like a piece of chocolate cake.

In case you want to buy me a gift for competing my challenge, I’ve had my eye on this for a while… and it is on sale.