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2 Apr

I wish this was about an Usher song. It’s not.

I, Shannon, did not run 100 miles as I challenged myself to do at the beginning of April. I wanted to post this yesterday, but I didn’t want people to think I was April Foolin.

When I blog about something, suddenly I’m responsible for it. Same with saying things out loud (perhaps our politicians need to learn this too). Call Me Shannon was holding me responsible for finishing those 100 miles. I wrote about it, it was real.

I made it about halfway. Actually, I ran 59 miles in 22 days.

It’s not bad, nothing to be ashamed of, but I didn’t reach my goal. And I don’t like that.

On March 19, after running a four miler (and a six the day before), my knee felt a little weird. It did the next day too and the day after that, it hurt. Like knives. So I took it easy, thinking a few days off and I’d just run extra hard the last week.

100 miles in march 2013

When the final week of March rolled around, I realized that I would not be running. I talked to a PT at work and she checked it out. She doesn’t think it’s anything serious, but told me to rest and start running shorter distances when the pain goes away. Probably just a sprain.

I’m still not running. Even more frustrating is that I am writing this post and admitting that I’m not running. But I’m nothing if not honest. So you heard it from me, I didn’t make it.

April’s challenge will be writing the final research paper of my Mizzou career. That I will complete this month, even with a bum knee.


I did it!

1 May

I did it! I did it! I accomplished my goal for April: running 100 miles.

Let me begin by saying I was an idiot. I thought for some reason that April 30th was on Tuesday, not Monday. When I woke up on Monday and looked at the calendar, I realized I needed to run 11 miles instead of a 5 one day and a 6 the next. Eleven miles? Shannon are you crazy? Crazy is probably the only word to describe it.

Because I am a crazy woman, I did it. Honestly, I ran 11 miles because I challenged myself to do it. Although it rained all morning, I ran on the trail after work. My shoes and socks were so muddy when I got home, but I needed a hill-less, easy to count 11 miles, so the trail was a no-brainer.

If no one was around when I passed a mile-marker, I usually did my running dance. I was glad to be alone for almost two hours (I finished in 1:54) so no one could see my struggs. The longest run I’d ever done before yesterday was 8 miles, so on miles 9, 10 and 11, so I got more and more excited. When I finally stopped running my hips were pretty sore and the muscles above my knees felt like rocks. Not in a sexy way. My toes also feel very tender.

I walked like a solider coming home from ‘Nam and I couldn’t stop talking for the rest of the night. Runner’s high? Maybe.

Today, I actually feel pretty good. A little stiff, but not as bad as I expected. I feel really proud that I did that.

I am so grateful and amazed by my body. I kissed both of my knee caps while laying in bed last night and thanked them for being so awesome and running 11 miles with me. I mean, that’s pretty cool that I was able to do that, or at least I think so. Now I think I could probably run a half marathon, not fast or anything, but I think I could finish without dying.

In two weeks, I’m running in a 5k, which will hopefully feel like a piece of chocolate cake.

In case you want to buy me a gift for competing my challenge, I’ve had my eye on this for a while… and it is on sale.