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8 Apr

Hey friends,


I got my act together and got all figured out. Ok, mostly figured out. So please change it in your readers, bloglovins and favorites list, because over there is where you will find the freshest content.





welcome, check out my nail art!

17 Feb

Hello friends of Bonnie! I’m so happy to have you drop by for a visit. Please have a seat, make yourself comfortable, follow my blog, be my best friend!

I should introduce myself, I’m Shannon. I live in Missouri, I love cheese and Beyonce.

My blog does not follow my dog(s) or my child, mainly because I do not have either of those. I like to describe this blog as a place for me to write about what it’s like being an “adult” and other fun things. It’s light, it’s free and there are pictures.

Here’s my picture:

nail art

Do you like my 90’s nail art? I think I need to cut back on my Full House reruns.

Don’t be mislead by nail art if this is our first acquaintance. Beauty and fashion are not strengths of mine. I just felt the nail art was a bloggy thing to do. Get me a top knot and one of those bubble necklaces everyone has in every color.

Things I am an expert on: making lists, going to Argentina, rocking the ponytail and giving invaluable love advice.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by, I hope you make a habit of it! Leave me a comment, friend:)

To Do in 2013

4 Jan

Cheers to 2013 happy new year
My list of resolutions for the new year:

Eat a pomegranate. Are these even available in Missouri?

Leave the country. Just for vacation.

ladiesWrite more. Maybe I’ll try a paper journal this year? Who knows.

Appear as a guest on the Ellen show.

Try two new recipies each month.

Go to Spanish Mass more often.

Simplify my belongings. Do I really need all this stuff?

Take more pics on my new camera.

Be a better friend by calling and catching up more often.

Josh and IBe a better daughter by calling and catching up more often.

Make videos for fun.

Read books that make me laugh and cry.

Try not to nap on weekdays. (Woof)

Learn a new skill.

Sew things that I’ve been pinning.


Here’s the 2011 Edition and 2012 Edition. What are you working on this year?

Oh, and more of these.

Oh, and more of these.

Sorry bout that

13 Sep

Ok friends, this week has been straight cray. I really need a weekend all to myself to get back on track, but maybe that’ll happen in, say, November. I promise some posts that will melt your face off with awesomeness and witty writing in the near future.

They are almost done, but I really need my intern (That’s what I call myself when I have to put in a ponytail and really get to working. Everyone knows that you just aren’t as productive with your hair on your shoulders/face/everything) to get her life together and put the finishing touches on them. Also I need her(me) to get a haircut.

I’m still mourning the tragic loss of Goldie (my favorite watch). It’s been rough on me, but I will persevere.

For today, I’m going to leave you with this.


Thanks to Pinterest. Face-melting posts to come!

Goodbye little earring

6 Sep

Today has really just been a strange day. I mean, I spent two hours taking photos of a three-legged dog in our hospital (links to the story later!). I also had a meeting about a coloring book and listened to Bill Clinton’s DNC speech while I worked on a design project. A whirlwind of sorts.

The most tragic part of my day was sitting in that coloring book meeting, one of the nurses stops in the middle of her sentence and says, “Do you know that you’re only wearing one earring?”

“Uhhh no.”

I frantically feel my left ear and confirm the bad news. As cooly as I can, I shake my hair a little bit, half expecting to hear the little rhinestone bow hit the floor. Of course, it doesn’t. I walk back to my office with one pathetic earring. Once I got back I searched for that bow. True, they were from Claire’s and not sentimental at all. Gone for good. RIP little earring. It’s sure been fun.

20120906-150410.jpgBig game and big plans this weekend. See ya at the tailgates:)

The road less traveled… la la la

19 Jan

I don’t know if this has always been popular, or if it’s gained momentum recently, but everyone is totally into really deep, inspirational quotes lately. Maybe it’s spurred by Pinterest or people’s email signatures, but everyone seems to have recently gotten a philosophy degree. Also, Martin Luther King Jr is misquoted at least twice a week, poor guy. He really did say some great things, too bad we have to mess them up.

I tried this, it's not that effective.

Now, I love a beautifully crafted, spiritually provocative saying as much as the next person. I have a Google Doc dedicated to them. I’ll not put them in my Facebook status, you’re welcome. Probably my favorites are in Helvetica and laid over an instagram photo.

All I want to say is, aren’t we over doing it on some of the “classics”? Allow me to explain…

“You can dream it, you can do it” -Walt Disney

Uhh really? Because I have a lot of cool dreams and I don’t think I can do any of them. Last night I had a dream that I left work and went camping. Well, sorry Walt, that’s not really an option. I also dream up cool stuff like hamburgers that are healthy or a car that runs on hopes and dreams. What now?

“Well-behaved women rarely make history” -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

To begin, the quote never gets accredited to the right person. Heck, I might have even misattributed it, don’t trust me. On the surface, I agree with it. Got to stir a little dust, ya know? But really badly behaved people end up in jail and is that really the history you want to make?

“Dance as if no one’s watching, sing as if no one is listening, tweet as if no one is following.”

This sounds really freeing, but my dad regularly checks my twitter, as do my coworkers.

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” Marilyn Monroe

write this one down, it's a keeper

Ok, first of all, Google “Marilyn Monroe quotes.” I was really surprised that she said so many deep things. I’m not trying to be rude, but she was a movie star not an author, so I was a little impressed. Second of all, Marilyn, as true as those first two sentences are about me and most other women, can you not say that? I’ve been trying to convince boys that I am perfect for far too long to have you blow my cover like that.

“The best things in life are unseen, that’s why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry & dream …” -No idea

Rhymers are crowd pleasers! That’s why everyone loves the Dr. Seuess quotes. I also open my mouth when doing all of those things, but that’s far less poetic.

“Everything happens for a reason.” -Eveyone

This is the ultimate, “It’s going to be ok even though it blows right now” quote. Reread this one, could it be more vague? When something really bad happens and someone tells you this, don’t you just want to shout out “And what reason do you think that is??” Talk about an awkward silence. Hopefully that person will follow with…

“Whenever a door is closed, a window opens.” -Also everyone

This is true except when the A/C is turned on, then you better believe my mom is closing all of the doors and all of the windows because “We’re not paying to cool the whole neighborhood.” But really, I do understand the need to look for new opportunity. It just seems a little weird that the quote isn’t actually backwards. Doesn’t a window seem like a crummy, back-up option for a door? It’s like saying, “Well, the plan to drive to Chicago didn’t work, but we can always walk or go on our Razor scooters.” Umm the backup plan is a back up plan for a reason.

Wouldn’t it be more positive to say, “When a window closes a door opens” ? Like, hey what you though you wanted didn’t work out because there is something better in store. But no, it’s the opposite- good luck trying to make a window work when you clearly wanted a door.

All that being said, I think there are some really beautiful tidbits of wisdom out there. I’m not hating, just saying it’s time to retire the tired classics. Let’s stop repinning and read some books!

Hey! My mom says that too!

Etiquette insensitive?

19 Oct

While talking to a coworker I realized I may be insensitive to the cold, institutional rules of manners and etiquette. She was talking about buying a gift for someone who recently had a baby. In the flawless style of my mother, I suggested diapers. My mom always gives new moms diapers. She had three beautiful babies of her own, so I trust her. My coworker then mentioned that some people use cloth diapers and might not want or need pampers. People still use cloth diapers?

Back to etiquette, I’m not a hillbilly who chews with her mouth open, but then again my dinner table training is rather basic. I like to think when I eat out people are not embarrassed to be at my table, I mean, no one’s ever complained. I always just look around and follow everyone else around me without looking self-conscious. The famous blend.

Is it bad that I assume I can act confident and get away with old-fashioned faux pas? Is that immature and irreverent? My actions are not meant to offend, but in this day and age I’d like to think someone will judge me for my additions to dinner conversation and not using my dessert fork for salad.

Yes, I think I can give a gift to someone making some assumptions because it’s a nice thing to do. I hope the new mother sees my diapers as a kind gesture that says “Congratulations on your new bundle of joy and sorry you won’t get to sleep for the next few months, call me if you want me to come over and play with your baby for a few hours but are willing to take him/her back when he/she begins to cry” and not “I hope you use these store-bought diapers instead of the eco-friendly cloth ones you were planning to use and then wash (gross).”

I’m also banking on the fact that people think I’m generally thoughtful and Walmart has a lenient return policy.

Maybe it’s a generational thing. I think people that know me, even in a professional sense, feel like I am an honest and down to earth person. Lots of traditional rules feel formal and stuffy- not my style. I wonder if older people (or more traditional people) may interpret my actions as disrespectful. Should I get an etiquette book too?!

So, to solve this problem, I’m having my people call Julie Andrews to arrange some princess lessons.

Oh, and I would NEVER wear white after Labor Day and before Easter.