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never have I ever…

4 Apr

Did you play this game to learn all of your friends’ deepest darkest secrets? Me too. I think it’s time we play. I dare you to leave one in my comments!

Never have I ever…

… lived in a state other than Missouri.

... owned one of these.

… owned one of these.

… been on a cruise (but I’m available to go anytime you want).

… been to Europe (samesies).

… read the whole Bible.

… owned a boat.

… had a manicure or pedicure.

… lived on a farm.

… ridden on a horse that wasn’t being led around on a rope.

… pierced anything besides my ears (x2).

… made a  pie.

… dyed my hair. Spray color that washes out doesn’t count.

… been able to whistle.

… had braces.


I’m joining some other ladies for a big fat Never Have I Ever Link Up.


blog lovin

6 Mar

A while back I did some blog loving when I shared some of my favorites. I’ve been meaning to do that again. Then Erin devised this linkup, and boom city, motivation hit. So here are a few of my favorite ladies.

Disclaimer: I have over 100 blogs in my reader and I’m pretty good about keeping up with them. I would love to share all of them, but I think you might lose interest. These are my top five right now. Please share any that you think I might dig. I’m always looking for new “friends” (both on the internets and in real life).

Disclaimer 2.0: I love Erin’s blog, Living In Yellow, too. You should totes check it.


Every time I log on to Facebook I find one more friend getter engaged, having a rustic wedding or having an adorable baby. I think, wow I just made my self a quesadilla for the second time this week. Don’t get me wrong, I love babies almost as much as I love weddings.

My friends are doing BIG things, and I couldn’t be happier for them. Having a baby? Epic. Planning a wedding? Mad skillz. Owning a dog? How responsible! But sometimes it’s hard not to feel like an underachiever. I’m not ready for a white dress or a screaming infant, I know that. Thankfully this blog lets me laugh it off.

This is an average post.

When a random kids asks me when I’m going to get married. 

my friends are marriedSo true.

The Life of Bon

I love her style so much that I sponsored her during February. Bonnie is very laid back and pretty funny. Her honesty about all things and stories about teaching high school make me smile everyday.

Weirdly, one of the things I like best about her is how she admits to not being a blogging expert. Her photos are not ultra filtered and touched up. She doesn’t try to link to every single outfit ever. Just good writing, and what more can you ask for in a blog?

Back East Blonde

Uggh, I just want to hang with Nadine in real life. I can’t put my finger on it, but I just feel like we would text a lot and laugh soda out our noses together.

She’s one of the few bloggers who actually feels “on my level.” Not married young, no kids, still loving memories of college, etc. Just check out her blog, ok?

Making Sense of Cents

Michelle blogs about all sorts of money and living simple things. I can’t say I agree with everything, but for the most part, we have similar $$ views. Also, she’s my homegirl, represtenin’ the Lou.

I want to stay out of debt and live a life that allows for things like vacations and someday maybe buying a house (scary, but true). She has a few jobs on the side that bring in some money. I love that she calls them her side hustle. My blog does not make money, but I still call it my side hustle.

Are there any blogs that I just have to check out? Please share!

birthday cheese

4 Mar

Guess what? I have a special treat for you today. My boyfriend Josh wrote this post. It’s about the time that he bought me cheese as a birthday gift.

Yep, that happened.

buenos aires 2013

Josh & I in Buenos Aires

He kept telling me I should write a blog post about it, but I told him I didn’t want to sound ungrateful and snobby. If he really wanted a post about it, he should write it himself. Then this showed up in my inbox.

Please give Josh a warm welcome and leave him a comment, he’s new.

My name is Josh. I tell many stories, often long-winded and drawn out. This one in particular does not paint me in a flattering light. Please remember that even after this happened, Shannon still agreed to continue dating me so I do have other redeeming qualities.

This past summer I lived in Dallas, TX. During that time, Shannon had a birthday. I called her and the conversation went along the lines of:

“Happy birthday dear. How was your day? Did you get anything cool?” – Me

“Good, thanks. Yeah, I got some neat stuff. I was talking with my grandma and she asked what you got me for my birthday.” – Shan

“Oh. Honestly, I didn’t even think about getting you something.” – Me

“Hmmm. I see. I told her it was probably in the mail.” – Shan

“That’s a lot better. I should have said that” – Me

I’ll pause the story here to mention that after extensive post game analysis, it appears that this conversation was my downfall. I should have taken the advice of comedian Mike Birbiglia and “What I should have said…was nothing.” Still, keep in mind that I didn’t forget her birthday. I sent her an e card I picked out myself (Shannon adores and I called to wish her a happy birthday. Let’s just take stock in my ability to do that much.

After getting off the phone, I knew I needed to get her something. I was going to visit her in Columbia, MO the following weekend while in town for my sister’s wedding so I still had an opportunity to be a (semi)gentleman. The only question was, what do I get
her? As it turns out, Texas stores are dominated by mostly Texas things. After crossing off Texas Flag key chain, Texas vanity license plate and Texas Flag coaster from my possible gift ideas, I was feeling lost.

Then it hit me: The Mozzarella Company, a store that makes cheese. It was perfect for several reasons.

1. Shannon loves cheese. It’s in three of her favorite food groups. Click here for proof. I cannot emphasize enough Shannon’s love for cheese.

2. It was local. She couldn’t get it anywhere else.

3. It has a giant sign outside that says “Cheese, Glorious Cheese.” If that doesn’t scream Shannon, I don’t know what does.

4. We had a history there. When Shannon came to visit me in Dallas one weekend, we stopped by to have chocolate and cheese (yes, they do go together). The people there were super nice and Shannon commented about how much she would love to live in that store. Not live in Dallas, but the store was really nice.

So I walked in and had the clerk (yes, they have cheese clerks) help me pick out a couple of nice blocks. I made sure they were harder cheeses so they were capable of travel, and I walked out feeling pretty good about my gift.

I flew back in to St. Louis with the cheese as my carry on. (Maybe if I had bought the cheese a seat she would have liked it more). When I finally got to see her the next day after driving into Columbia, I gave my offering. Unwrapped. I honestly didn’t even
think about wrapping the cheese.

To her credit, Shannon smiled a little. Cheese would be a great gag gift. I mean, who would buy someone cheese as a birthday gift?It would be awful. It would stink (I promised myself that would be the only pun). I think it wasn’t until she realized I had nothing more to offer that the moment really sank in.

Some of the cheese Josh received for HIS birthday.

Some of the cheese Josh received for HIS birthday.

And that was it. From that point on, I was the guy who gave his girlfriend cheese for her birthday. I am constantly heckled by her family. I’m constantly heckled by MY family. I received no less than 4 blocks of cheese for my birthday. Shannon needed to ask if she should buy crackers when I mailed her a Valentines gift (A solid line, but I think she had been saving it for a while).

And the worst part, I never even got to try the cheese. Shannon said it was good though. If there is one thing to take away from this story, it is a surprising amount of thought can go into a gift as silly as cheese, and isn’t it the thought that really counts?

What do you think? Did I let him off the hook too easily? Should he be rolling out the red carpet when June rolls back around?

2013 Valentines Blogging Party

7 Feb

Link UpThis winter I signed up for a link-up swap party for bloggers. I did one for Christmas Ornaments and loved getting to know another Shannon in the process. Seasonally, this one is a valentines day care package edition hosted by CaseyNicoleLaurenAlycia, and Ashlee.

And you know I love a good party.

My partner is Wendi over at A Bundle of Contradictions. You can visit her blog to check out what came for her in the mail (from me).

Here’s what I came home to this week…


A moustache coaster, a LOVE jewelry dish and a magnet that says “Check thyself before you wreck thyself.” Pretty sweet! I cracked up as I unwrapped them. They’re really fun and local Atlanta products. Thanks Wendi!!

We decided to exchange questions so you could get to know Wendi better. Look for my answers on her blog! Here are Wendi’s answers to my questions.

What is your favorite holiday and why?

My favorite holiday- hands down, no question- is Christmas. I have so many personal and family traditions- from watching It’s a Wonderful Life on NBC to celebrating our annual Cookie Day with my grandmother- and it’s all I can do not to watch Elf on repeat the whole month of December. Everything about the Christmas season is pure pleasure for me. All the commercialism doesn’t bother me either because people are naturally more joyful and more at peace during that time. But, most importantly, I love Christmas because I love my Savior. And I think about how He humbled Himself to become like us, to share in our struggles, and give His life for our freedom. There’s so much beauty in the messy way He came into this world. And Christmas is a time when I can truly savor what He’s done for me.

Any hot plans this Valentines?

Haha! No “hot” plans, per se, but we do have a fun event coming up at our church. Yes, at church! We attend one of Andy Stanley’s Northpoint Ministry campuses and it’s like home to us. Every year, they host a married couple’s event for Valentine’s Day with a speaker and food and music, and this year will be our first time going. Apparently, the speaker is somewhat of a brilliant comedian, and we like to laugh together. In my opinion, laughter is sexy…so there’s definitely a chance our Valentine’s Day will turn out to be a “hot” one ;).

Good choice Wendi!

Who is your celebrity crush? 

Oh, good question! And a hard one, too. But I would have to say Gerard Butler takes the cake. He’s rugged and funny and Scottish. I mean, hello! Does it get any better than that accent?

Be sure to check out her blog too! Read about her adventures in faith, style and marriage.

Are you mailing anything this Valentines? Hot plans? Anyone want to come over and watch Magic Mike?

Friend Post: Holiday Fashion

10 Dec

I would like to introduce you all to my canadian friend, Shannon! (Check out how she spells color. Why don’t we all do that?) You may remember her from our ornament swap. She is here to do something that I cannot: offer fashion advice. Enjoy and follow her!


Hey! I’m Shannon, yes that’s right another Shannon! We like to team up and conquer the world sometimes 🙂 I like to think we’re quite fabulous while we do it too, don’t you agree? In addition to being a Shannon, I blog in a little corner of the blog-o-sphere called Polish and Sugar. I like to blog about all things pretty, everything from fashion, beauty, home decor, food, and a little bit of life.

Today I wanted to share with you my tips for holiday fashions. No matter if you’re tackling your first Christmas with the in-laws, New Years eve as a single gal, or the holiday work party you need to impress at, a few simple things and you’ll be dressed to rock it.

Holiday Work Party – You want to impress the boss, by looking put together and professional, while still showing you can have a little fun. Keep to simple black and white, with pops of colour and glitter in your shoes and accessories. And to top it off, a sweet little sock bun is just perfect. I have a tutorial on how to do a sock bun here to help you out with that too!

Holiday Work Party Fashions

Christmas Dinner – You want to be cozy with the fam, and still make sure to wear something comfortable for all that food you’re about to eat! Everyone will love the bold red pant, but you can keep it neutral and calm with an oversized lace sweater. The perfect little ankle bootie, and some bangled bracelets and this outfit will be a big hit even with your not so favourite relative. For bonus points? Rock a red nail polish, and some pretty nude coloured lip gloss.

Christmas fashion

New Year’s Eve – The big night! It’s time to have fun, celebrate the past year, and bring in the new year with a fresh start. New Year’s Eve is all about the glam, but make sure to keep it classy! A must for every New Year’s Eve party is a dress that is sequined to the max. Pair it with platform pumps, a studded clutch and some pretty jewelery and you’ll have your choice of kisses at midnight 😉

New Years Eve Fashions

I’d love for you to stop by Polish and Sugar, or follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Thanks so much to Shannon for having me today 🙂

xo Shannon


Did we just become best friends? How much do you want that New Years Dress? I’d say on a scale of 1 to 10, at least a 16.

You can also check out my post on her blog about being young & unprofessional.