fish fry friday

19 Mar

On Friday I went back to the motherland (St. Louis) to visit my parents, meet up with some friends and dance in the St. Patty’s parade. Friday night for Catholics means one thing: fish fry.

My dad runs the kitchen at our parish’s fish fry, which is hosted by the Men’s Club. He cooks thursday night and all afternoon on Friday preparing to serve the hundreds. When I showed up on Friday afternoon, he sent me home for a baseball hat (hairnets just aren’t my jam). The rest of the night I womanned the to go line.

By the end of the fry, I was ready to sit down (and watch the Tigers lose). I smelled like fish and there was green been juice on my jeans. What a great night.

I forgot how cool it feels to work alongside your mom scooping coleslaw and potato salad. I was reminded of what it felt like to be teased by your dad in front of family friends. And dishing it right back to him.

It was a homecoming to be back in the building I spent 7 hours a day in for nine years. Even though they’ve got a pretty spiffy paint job, it hasn’t changed a bit. I stacked cafeteria chairs and pulled trash, just like old times.

It was fun to spend time in my parent’s world, that used to be my world. They both work the fish fry every Lenten Friday. The friers, the cooks, the scoopers and the ticket takers are all their friends. Dad introduced me to his buddies and I met some of the people who live in our neighborhood.

Working with my parents and other members of the parish reminded me of how much I love being part of that community and made me sad that I can’t spend more time doing stuff like that with them.

Julie, Will and I have been lucky to have grown up with two service-oriented parents who set an example by giving their time and treasure. Thanks Mom and Dad for teaching us to be like you.

2 Responses to “fish fry friday”

  1. MrNickleBack March 20, 2013 at 6:21 am #

    I only organize the kitchen, there is a ton more stuff that happens outside of my sphere of influnce. It was great having you back for the weekend-thanks for all of your help.

  2. Kathy Chilenski March 25, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

    What a treat to read your delightful blog! Your personality shines through and your reminiscences are upbeat and authentic. Thanks for sharing your spirited perspective. I feel inspired and my smile is authentic also. Admiringly, Kathy C.

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