RIP Google Reader

14 Mar

tumblr_m8i10wXUJC1rcftipo1_250I’m so loyal to Google. I have been smitten with Gmail since 2006 (yeah, I was invited). I tried Buzz. I thought I was going to love Google+. You know I LIVE on Google Docs/Drive. That’s my jam. Google, I’ve been your biggest fan. And then you shut down Google Reader on me?!?!

I need you (Google) to do a little work on your end. I need you to relax on the tablet and smart phone race that makes you millions and pay attention to your web apps. I still think G+ has so much potential if you EVER did anything with it. I’m pretty sure it’s the same as it was two years ago when I joined. Successful social networks like Twitter, WordPress and Facebook are constantly changing. There are updates, improvements and additions to keep us on our toes.

Sorry everyone, I’m so mad right now. I use Google Reader everyday and I’ve never felt so betrayed. I think I need a Shamrock Shake and some time to pout about it.

On the bright side, this is giving me the opportunity to clean out the 100+ blogs I follow. I’m slowly moving them to Bloglovin. I’m only moving the blogs that I actually like to read (not the ones I followed to be entered in a giveaway or the ones that plain annoy me). This is my chance to actually organize them and weed some out.

So if you’re using the Reader, you should probably think about switching to a service that cares about you.  Make sure you take me with you!!

p.s. I planned to post a 100 miles update today, but I’m too upset. I’ll get you one this weekend. I’m on mile 42 as of today!


2 Responses to “RIP Google Reader”

  1. Sarah March 15, 2013 at 6:15 am #


    In my morning review of news websites, I came across this article. If Google Reader does go away (and the tech report this morning indicated there is a Internet petition going around asking Google to reverse their decision), Mashable reported on this site: Don’t know anything about it…

    Charleston, SC

    • smwhitney March 15, 2013 at 8:15 am #

      That’s an exciting development! Thanks for sharing!

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