Thursday thunder snow

21 Feb

Yep, that’s what happened in Missouri today.

I don’t want to sound like a freak, but I kind of love inclement weather. Julie and I used to create the weirdest scenarios for our Barbies back in the day. Most of them included a flood or a snow storm because we needed a little drama to the ho-hum shopping and professional gymnastics that our Barbies usually did.

This is the view from my office window around 9:30 this morning. Did I mention there was no snow when I got there at 8?

office window snow

Here’s a great selfie of me walking across the street to the hospital.

snow selfie

Dreamy, I know.

Snow days make me realize that roughly 80% of my friends either work at schools (teachers, counselors, lunch ladies, etc.), or are professional students (undergrad, overgrad, post grad, optometry school, med school, law school, vet school, driving school, school of fish, etc.). These people are the ones blowing up my newsfeed with snow day exclamations and photos of cuddling their dogs while drinking wine by the fire.

I don’t want to say I’m bitter, but you could say I regret working with in walking distance of my office. Also, there’s the fact that I work at a hospital and we are never really closed. The other 360 days a year, I truly love my job though.

Well it’s time for some hot cocoa and whatever’s on the DVR. Stay warm, my friends.

p.s. You should get in on Bonnie’s giveaway this week. I may or may not be contributing. Ok, fine. I did.


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