I think my family jeweler is a pawn shop

19 Feb

Everyone, I came to a harsh realization.

So for work, I sit on this planning committee for an event. A lot of the other people on this committee are well-off members of this small town’s “society.” We were collecting items to raise money and one lady said she would talk to her jeweler about donating a piece. Another lady said she’d approach her jeweler too.

So, I’m thinking, “Ok, no big deal. I’m 23. I don’t own any fine jewels, so it makes sense that I do not have a jeweler. Someday, I might have a jeweler of my own.”

Naturally, I put off finding a jeweler and starting my collection of precious jewels for a few months. Then I have a conversation with a friend who will remain nameless.

My friend was talking about proposing to his girlfriend. He told me about what she wanted and talking to her family jeweler. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m PUMPED for this friend, the ring and their engagement.

But, hold up. People have family jewelers?

My family does not regularly patronize any shop.  Actually, my mom has some nice jewelry (way to go dad!), but I could not tell you where it came from if you paid me.

from: http://www.mesapawn.net/images/design%20pics/mesa%20az%20pawn%20shop,%20we%20buy%20guns.jpgThis summer when Julie’s finger swelled up like a sausage and she had to have her class ring cut off (long, long story), my mom took it to a pawn shop. The same pawn shop where she had my Tinkerbell watch fixed. Perhaps the same pawn shop she sold some silver that we never use. And, this  pawn shop is on the Eastside. That’s right, Illinois.

That’s when it dawned on me. Maybe my family jeweler is a pawn shop?!?

Maybe we’re the kind of people who buy things that used to belong to other people (we are). I don’t know if any of us own jewelry that was purchased there, I think it’s mainly fixes. I think…

Quick, Macklemore, write a song about pawnshops and make this cool!

What does this say about me? What does this say about my family? Should Will and Dad work on growing out beards so we can have our own hoosier reality show?

4 Responses to “I think my family jeweler is a pawn shop”

  1. Mandy February 19, 2013 at 7:35 am #

    Hahaha, this is awesome!

    • smwhitney February 19, 2013 at 8:12 am #

      Thanks! It was a deep thought that came to me while on a run.

  2. Mom February 19, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    Next time you’re home we’re road trippin’ to the pawn shop(aka “the fam jeweler”) it’s awesome, but not enough awesome for a reality show.

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