happy shamrock shake time!

6 Feb

I know that it’s not even February, but I was accidentally at McDonald’s today. I was gong to get a McFlurry because I was in an ice cream mood. Lo and behold THEY HAD SHAMROCK SHAKES!

It’s seriously my favorite seasonal treat on any fast food menu because they are delicious. Here’s a picture of me eating it in my car. Don’t worry my eyes are not crossed in real life, just this photo.

shamrock shake 2013

Oooooh they are so tasty. Made with fresh shamrocks by real leprechauns. If you’ve never had one, you better get to the golden arches before March 17.

They’re kind of minty and sorta something else too. I can’t exactly put my finger on it. It reminds me of the children’s toothpaste I used to sneakily eat. Don’t judge.


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