4 Feb

One of my favorite Super Bowls of all times happened in 2000. Kurt Warner led the Rams to a victory over the Titans. The best part? The footballs made of Jell-O at the watch party and how our principal called school off for that Monday. Unreal.

My latest greatest most favorite Super Bowl memory is Beyonce’s performance. She gave me everything I ever wanted in a halftime show. And then a little bit more.

from tumblr_mhod6p8MfQ1rqgjz2o1_500

I really think you need to watch it yourself. I had so many emotions.

Wow, when she started with that silhouette and Love on Top, I knew we were getting the real deal. Then she started walking. How does she do that? In those shoes? I want to walk like that.

Her dancing was spot-on (as always) and she sang. Clearly, for real.

She looked so powerful on stage. Someone I was watching with said she looked really mad, but I thought it was the perfect amount of angry and fierce. Beyonce was dancing her tail off for over 10 minutes, you would have a stank face too. She wasn’t on stage to look pretty (although she looked flawless), she was up there to sing and dance.

When she was dancing in front of the video screen with a million of herselves, I was trying not to drool.

Since Janet and Justin’s little wardrobe malfunction, the powers that pick the Super Bowl entertainment have picked older, more conservative acts. I get that. People love Bruce Springsteen, Prince, the Rolling Stones and Tom Petty. The Black Eyed Peas and Madonna started bringing it back. Then Beyonce happened. She Performed, with a capital “P.” Not just playing an instrument or singing, but the whole package. I think all of those acts are entertainers in their own way. But for the Super Bowl, we needed the showiest of shows.

We need fire, we need special effects, we need high energy dancing, we need surprise reunions of childhood favorites.

Kelly and Michelle showed up for a Destiny’s Child reunion. Bey came off a little bossy, but she always was the angel in front.

from tumblr_mhom25p5eD1rqgjz2o1_500

I saw a few little mutterings on Twitter about her costume being too revealing. Beyonce is not as skinny as Gaga or T.Swift (or Kelly and Michelle).  I like how confident she looked in that black leather and lace leo.  She is known for having big thighs, but when she dances there is no jiggling. That is muscle, from dance practice all week.

Yes, it was sexual. But it was the most about Beyonce being in control. She looked like she owned it all.

Then, after doing my favorite dance move (from Single Ladies dance break), she belted out Halo. I found myself drinking water on her behalf. I also found myself whipping my hair around a lot before getting in the shower.

How cool was it that her whole band seemed to be ladies too?

Here are some awesome GIFs of the performance, compliments of Erin. And a few more.

Also, she announced some tour dates. Leave me a comment if you want to go with me. I’m available pretty much all of the time and I’m already working on sewing us matching black leather leotards.


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