See ya January

2 Feb

It seems like everyone in the blogosphere hates January. To be real, it’s not my favorite month either.

No offense to January birthdays out there. We’re past that right? The “my birthday month is the best eva” crap? Yeah, we are. Well, except June is totally the best month ever.

shorts weatherBut back to January. We just came off the holiday high. The fudge has run out. Our new years resolutions are trying to stick around. Classes change, work doesn’t.

January seems like the time everybody is sick with some kind of lingering cough.

We start remembering all the things that need to get done this year. Starting on the scrap books, painting the hallway, finishing that book, start exercising  you know. Unlike December, when we’re focused on all of the things we already accomplished, or June through August when we’re too worried about getting a tan to think about to do lists.

It’s cold. At least here in Missouri it’s freezing. Except for random Mondays.

Coming back from vacation and then a weekend in Texas makes me long for shorts weather. I am ready to run outside without ear warmers.

Work is about to get crazy, and that’s for the best. I’m working on some video projects that I’m very excited about.

I’m ready for a change. Bring it on February.

Found this online, I have no idea.


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