Snap chat of my weekend

27 Jan

I think this post is going to feel random, but that’s ok. I love snapchat. If you have a smartphone and you’re not using snapchat so send photos of your face, food, outfits, colorful pants, etc. to your friends, you are not living, my friend.

Let’s pretend that’s I’m snap chatting you all of these photos from my week from my phone. Cool?

fake patient

Don’t worry, I was not hospitalized. At work, I was playing a patient in some scenes for a new video. Is it weird that I love this?


This is my perfect idea of romance.

new neon dress

I went to a work event on Saturday night. I found this dress on sale ($15 at J.C. Pennies) on Friday. I was pretty excited about it. Afterwards we went out and two different guys told me I was the prettiest girl in the world. First, that’s a bold statement. Second, it’s totally the dress.


After the work event I caught up with Alexis. We need to do that more often (minus the heels).

video chat with josh

Today I chatted with Josh. isn’t he handsome?


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