Back to Buenos Aires

19 Jan

If you missed my post on Buenos Aires or the one about our Uruguay adventures, read up. Here’s the final piece of our vacation. I think writing it in a trilogy feels more epic.

So where was I? Oh, right. We were taking the bus and then the speedy ferry back to Buenos Aires for the final night and day of the vacation.

Since Punta del Este is Spanish for Punta del Expensive, we decided to hold off and wait until we got back to BA for (steak) dinner. I got a little hungry on the way and remembered the six-pack of York Peppermint Patties that were in my bag. My mom gave them to me and I thought they would be a good snack. Turns out, they didn’t quite last in the summery temperatures of the southern hemisphere during January. Here’s photographic evidence. For the record, I ate at least half of that.

melty yorks

Josh’s kindle ran out of battery and I finished my book, so we had to play games with each other. Can you figure out any of our hangman or pictionary clues?


Once we got back to Argentina, we found a cab to take us to our hostel. I told the cabbie the address in Spanish and he knew the area. For the first five minutes, Josh and I chatted quietly in the backseat. All of a sudden, our cabbie says, “Oh you guys speak English?”

We find out he’s from Bolivia and he asks about us. All of a sudden, he asks, “How is Celine Dion?”

“Why?!? Did something happen to her?” I ask.

“No, no. How do I say it in English? In Spanish, it’s ‘Como etsa Celine Dion?'” he answers.

“No, you’re right. Uhhh, I think she’s fine,” I say.

“She has a show in Vegas,” Josh offers.

“She has two kids, right?” he asks.

“Yeah, twins.* Are you a big fan?” I say. *Three kids (but a set of twins, regardless)

“I’m a huge fanatic! You seen Titanic? My Heart Will Go On is my favorite. You know it?”

“Of course,” reply Josh and I.

Then he proceeds to sing My Heart Will Go On. I join in, because I don’t have a choice when it comes to Celine. Later, Josh points out that Celine is French Canadian, not American. Ahhhh friendship.

Our hostel, Casa Esmeralda, turned out to be awesome. There were quite a few French people there who we had breakfast with the next morning.

Our final bidet in Argentina, we walked to the Eva Peron museum and ate one of the greatest and cheapest ($15) meals of our trip. Check it.

Josh and chow

Something else to mention, Argentinians love mate (pronounced MAH-te). It’s a tea kind of drink that they carry with them all day in these little carved cups. The silver straw has a filter on the bottom and throughout the day they just add more and more hot water to it.

mate cups

mate cups

We tried it at the Escuela de Surf. Not my jam, but an acquired taste? The guy who let us try it said people love it because it’s zero calories. Another tour guide also mentioned it was a natural digestive stimulate, and she said someone should tell Jamie Lee Curtis about it.

Later we boarded another 11 hour flight back to the USA. We’re back in our time zone, but I really miss the fresh orange juice I drank by the gallon. Seriously, it was the bomb.

drinking oj

Last thing last, I was pleasantly surprised by my Spanish. I thought for sure I would be a mess and we would spend a lot of time mad. My language skills weren’t too shabby. People could tell I was not native (no surprise), but they were patient and kind.

There were a few times that could have gone smoother, mainly they were in restaurants. One time I swear I ordered us steak sandwiches. Then the waiter came out with just steaks. Can’t get mad about steak.

The other, more memorable time was in Punta. I thought I was ordering us grilled steak with provolone on top. The waiter brought us out two huge pieces of grilled provolone. Like, without the steak. Awesome. Can’t get mad about cheese. (Josh would like to point out that if other people could’ve seen how happy I was about that grilled cheese that they would have bought me cheese for my birthday too.) 

All in all, it was an incredible trip. We saw a corner of the world we’d never been to before. Thank you Josh for the fun and reading the maps. Thanks to anyone else for reading about my vacation. Sorry I got carried away with the bidet puns. Josh and I in punta

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