Snuggie Beyonce & MIA Elvis

18 Jan

I wasn’t planning to post today, but I got a spare second. Another vacation post to come, no worries.

I just wanted to share this video with you. Thanks to Julie for posting it on my Facebook wall.

In other news, I put two contacts in my right eye and no contacts in my left eye this morning. That was a first. Right now I have the appropriate contact in each eye (I have different prescriptions for each eye, it’s a real joy).

elvis cutoutJosh is moving this weekend and over the summer he stored a few things at my house. He left his bike in the garage and his life size cutout of Elvis and his shillelagh in my basement. He got his bike, but both of us forgot about the other two things until now.

And Elvis has left the building. I cannot find him anywhere nor remember moving him out of my house. How does one lose a 6 foot Elvis in a metallic gold suit?

Worst girlfriend ever? I mean, it survived 3 years in his janky house of boys and I lose it? C’mon.

Should we all pitch in and buy him a new one? It’s only $29.25 at cardboard

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