Back in the USA

13 Jan

Hi Everyone! I made it back yesterday afternoon and verbally dumped all of our adventures on my parents and Josh’s. My photos are loaded and I can’t wait to tell you all about it on this blog.

But I have to work tomorrow. What the what?

I haven’t done that in… cough… a while. I hope I remember how to do it all.

As excited as I am about getting back into a routine and working on some projects both at work and at home, it’s always hard coming off a vacation high. My inbox is looking a little crazy, my reader is telling me I have over 900 blog posts to read and my dirty laundry is smelling disgusting in the corner.

I promise to write a few posts (not a million like I might want to right now) this week about our adventures. If I had to sum it up in three words, they would be STEAK, SURF and SPANISH.

Is leaving you with just these pictures a tease?

arg tree building in uruguay Josh in Punta Del Este patricia's in arg recoleta arg


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