brb, I’m on an adventure.

10 Jan

not my own“Oh Shannon, come visit Buenos Aires!” That is what this picture (p.s. It’s Madge playing Evita, not the diva herself) said to me, so that’s where I am this week.

Well, sorta. Josh is getting ready to start his big kid job, so we wanted to have an epic adventure before he sells his fragile soul to the corporate world of not much vacation and living far, far away.

We wanted somewhere warm, not crazy expensive (I’m looking at you Europe & Australia) and , of course, epic. Buenos Aires seemed like a great fit.

Right now I might be wearing a sundress, speaking spanish, eating steak, or all three.

When I get back I’ll will post all about our adventures. In the meantime, don’t cry for me, Argentina.

I had to.

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