2012: A year in review

2 Jan

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope everyone had a magical night.

I love New Years because I love sparkles, confetti, champagne, reflecting on last year and dreaming for the upcoming year. Each January I try to lay out some goals on my blog, for the public to see. Usually I forget about them by March, but here’s to hoping.

Here’s last year’s To Do List. Let’s see how I did.

Find a dance class. Soon. Boo, big fail. I did start grad school, so I can’t say I’m aching for more extra circulars. 

I realllllly want to visit Washington DC and/or New York this spring. I have friends living in both places with welcoming couches. I’ve never been to the big apple and now seems like a great time. Also, I love DC and I got to explore for a day in April and I can’t wait to go back. How about February? March? Wow, 0 for 2. I did not make it to DC or NYC. I did go to New Orleans, Dallas (x2), Cedar Rapids, Madison, Table Rock and Chicago.

Write more, better. Probably right here on this blog, but my “Feelings” document in Google Docs is growing too. As you can probably infer, that’s where I write about my feelings. Your welcome for keeping them off of this blog. I’d say I did write more. I don’t know about better. Feel free to weigh in on that. 

Run more, faster. Ok, just more. I ran like my hair was on fire all of April, but I’ve slacked a little since then. I’m going to go ahead and say I did accomplish this. 

dollhouse christmas card
Keep all of the plants in my life alive, including but not limited to my violet, my work plants and my new chia pet. The African Violet is thriving! My works plants, not so much. 

Meet one or more of my celebrity crushes. Right now that list includes John Stamos, Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake and Aziz Ansari. If you know these guys, help a sister out. Another let down. I did not meet any celebrities in 2012. Rudy Giulani was on a flight with me though. 

So… I did 2.5 of 6. Ok, not great, but I pride myself on setting high goals. I don’t pride myself on always following through.

Overall, I had a great year. I went to a million weddings, started grad school, started volunteering at a women’s shelter, got more serious about my blog, traveled, read, ran and even sewed a little.

Stay tuned for 2013 goals…


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