A very Dollhouse Christmas

24 Dec

It’s full-swing family time, but I want to share some Christmas card love since I do not have all of your addresses. Here’s the card from my roommates, the dolls.

I love holiday mail and my family takes it to the extreme! They’ve been pouring in all month. Each year I try to send as many out as I can. I know I can never top my mom’s prowess.

Each year, instead of a letter, my mom crafts an intricate poem about our family happenings. She writes one stanza for each kid and one for her and my dad to share.

stamps on lettersIt’s the talk of the town when it hits mailboxes. My mom always glows when she gets a phone call from a long-lost college friend or fourth cousin who is on the other end of the line raving about her masterpiece.

Here’s a little secret though… since my freshman year of high school (9 years ago) I’ve taken a stab at the family poem. I always give my draft to mom around Thanksgiving. She always gets soooo excited about it and tells me how helpful that is. Then a few weeks later she’ll email me the poem to proofread her “final touches” and I open it up to find… she totally rewrote it.

This year, she emailed me the poem. I cringed as I open it, because I know my poem was probably ripped to shreds. But, no. She used most of my work. Like, at least 75%, which is HUGE for me. After I made a few tiny edits, I sent it back to her. She called me the next day and our conversation went something like this…

Shannon: “It was great, as always!”

Mom: “Thanks, thanks for all your help.”

Shannon: “I was surprised, you actually used a lot of my poem this year. You never do that.”

Mom: “Well after all these years, you’re really improving. It takes a while to get the hang of it.”

Shannon: “Gee thanks, mom.”

Mom: “You should read my first few poems, they were rough.”

So here it is, for your holiday enjoyment (poem copyright of Lynne Whitney).


Merry Christmas family and friends, hope we all survive this fiscal cliff,
No more talk of wasteful spending, it just sends me into a tiff.
Our card 2 big events; Will so handsome upon his graduation,
And all 3 sibs in cousin Jen’s wedding—such a joyous celebration!
2012 so very memorable but the last few months a drastic change,
Years of constant nurturing gone by, leaving me feeling so strange.

This fall our home is way too quiet, no young birds in the roost,
A touch sad to be empty nesters, but our social lives did get a boost.
120 mile drive to Columbia, many Mizzou games we did witness.
I love weekly zumba and yoga classes, in addition to walking for my fitness.
Mark loves reading and hunting, shot a buck and butchered it with care,
Please come over for Scrabble sometime, we’re quite a competitive pair!

Will earned the President’s Leadership Award and graduated from SLUH in May,
So bittersweet to put years of student council, Kairos retreats and wrestling at bay!
He spent spring break on a mission trip laboring in a poor Appalachian community,
And performed a “senior follies” ballet in a tutu—one hilarious opportunity!
Our baby moved to Mizzou in August to continue the Whitney tradition,
Loves college life (girls and soft serve machine); mechanical engineering his ambition.

Julie spent last summer interning for Cerner(a medical IT company) in the Kansas City ‘hood,
Liked her so much, upon graduation, they offered her a job- that is GOOD!
In March journeyed to Ireland for an engineering spring break trip,
Julie also finds time to babysit most weeks, a little boy on each hip.
President of the Mizzou chapter of computer and electrical engineers is she,
For relaxation you can find her in the kitchen on a dessert baking spree.

Shannon’s in her second year at the hospital, puts her writing skills on show,
Her job includes social media, videos and event planning, her talents continue to grow.
Evenings teaches pilates and volunteers at a women’s shelter, busy no doubt,
Attended lots of weddings recently, wouldn’t miss a chance to twist and shout!
This summer started grad school, switched gears to a public health degree,
She’s back to reading school books, little time to be carefree.

May 2013 be lucky, filled with kindness and understanding,
We wish for you good health, peace and happiness, a year less demanding.
We’d really enjoy a visit, please call when you are free.
Biking? Board games? Dinner? We welcome your company!
Lynne, Mark, Shannon, Julie and Will

Have a merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, tomorrow! Thank you to all of the people who have to work on Christmas and don’t get to spend the holiday with their families. 


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