Christmas Parodies of Pop Songs

15 Dec

Since Josh graduates today and he thinks it would help my readership if I wrote more about him, I’m going to do him one better. I’ll let him sing and play for the loyal Call Me Shannon readers.

So congrats Josh, you’re finally done with school after 6.5 years and two degrees. Way to go, champ.

If you didn’t already know, Josh is a pretty talented musician. He plays the piano and the guitar and probably 19 other instruments (violin and harmonica confirmed). Right now he’s really into playing Tom Petty and that Lumineers song on the guitar. When we saw the Rashida Jones and Jimmy Fallon Christmas parody, Josh started his own.

So, Merry Christmas and/or Happy Hanukkah to all of you lovely people. I think it’s kosher to celebrate both because holidays are great.

This is from a holiday party with our friends.

This one is from the Jesse Hall Holiday Party.

Pretty great? Feel free to leave comments. Tell me your favorite one! Doesn’t it look like Josh only owns green shirts? Want to see more Josh videos? Jealous that  I get to see this all the time? Thought so.


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