Class BFF

12 Dec

As some of you know, I am taking some graduate classes, part-time to keep the ole wheels spinning. As of Monday evening at 10:04pm, I was completely done for the semester. (Brushes shoulders) It feels awesome.

This week I had a final and a paper, no regular class.

I didn’t realize it until today, but I really miss my class BFF from Monday night Social and Behavioral Science. If you are reading this, know that our friendship may not go past class discussions, but I will miss you and I value your input.

Your first name is similar to that of my sister. Not the same, but close.

You have blonde hair and long bangs, do you know who you are yet?

Some time this fall, we clicked. I can’t say exactly when or what health behavioral model we were discussing, but it happened. At some point we began looking at each other for support when defending our arguments. The person listening would smile and nod encouragingly.

I’m a better communicator. I can spit out my point in a way we can all understand. You are better read in the scholarly journal department. You are always trying to defend what you are saying with an article none of us have ever heard of or read.  You know that I understood what you were trying to say, even if I don’t read academic things.

We both thrive on class participation points. We understand that someone needs to step forward and answer that seemingly rhetorical question that the professor asked.

Even though our paths may never cross again, please know that I have enjoyed this semester. I will miss you in discussion classes to come. Good luck, my friend.


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