2012 wishlist edition

23 Nov

Happy Black Friday! I hope you all are out and about shopping today. This is the day to celebrate the best deals of the year. It’s also the first day when it is officially ok to listen to Christmas music, wear Christmas earrings and begin to get excited for the holiday season.

So I asked for a bunch of cool stuff last year and I didn’t get any of it. I thought I’d try again. This time around, I picked gifts from a wide range of prices and potential shipping costs. It’s to help you pick out the prefect gift for your favorite blogger, or someone with an eclectic style and a love for baby cheetahs, ok, me. Feel free to download and print at your convenience.

  1. Ice Cream Sandwich iPhone Case
  2. Kate Spade Bow Earrings
  3. Stashing Through the Snow Ornament
  4. Let’s Dance Shoes (can’t find a link… boo)
  5. Baby Cheetahs (Look, I don’t know your price range)
  6. Moccasins
  7. Citrus Coasters
  8. Home Alone Tshirt
  9. Fish Tank Toilet (I recognize this as more of a want, less of a need)
  10. The Poisonwood Bible
  11. Thought Cloud Sticky Notes
  12. Guacamole Bag

If this still isn’t helping, check out my pinboards for more ideas. Also, feel free to show your love to me this holiday season by continuing to read my blog instead of these silly gifts.

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