Remind me to…

19 Nov

You know how before you buy a new pair of shoes, you put them on and waddle around Target for five minutes or so with your feet tied together by that little elastic string? You have to make sure the shoes are actually comfortable and walkable. You can’t just buy a pair of shoes with out not only trying it on, but also doing the walk test.

It’s like test driving a car before you buy it. I don’t know, I’ve never done that, but it’s how I imagine it.

Well why do I not do that while trying on clothes? Really?

I’m the kind of shopper that NEEDS to try on clothes. I can’t just buy them off the rack. Long-torsoed ladies like myself are somewhere between a small and a medium. Will someone please invent a smedium that is the length of a medium and the width of a small?

Anyways, I’m trying on the small and the medium (or the medium and the large if we’re in the juniors department, which I never am, ever, promise), and I pull it over my head. Check the mirror and go. For shirts, this is usually ok.

For skirts and dresses, it is not. Lately, when I walk sometimes some skirts ride up. I get where I’m going and I look down at my legs and I look a little hootchier than I intended. Honestly, I didn’t know that dress would look like that if I power walk in it.

So just remind me to double-check these things before I buy.


Also remind me to tell you about the ornament exchange I’m doing this year with some other blogging ladies.


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