Lock it up

13 Nov

Do you ever have a few days in a row, where you begin to think, “World, I’ve got a hold on you.”

Your work load is feeling manageable. A big weekend is looming on the horizon. There are a few adventures with friends just around the corner.
You had Hy-Chi for dinner last night so there is at least one more solid meal of leftovers. You think, this is what Kate Middleton probably feels like every day of her life.

Then you look over to your right and you see this:

Why does one woman need this many drinks at her desk? She doesn’t.

Here’s the thing. I usually make myself a cup o’hot tea, using my electric tea kettle (I imagine Kate Middleton probably has one of those) in the morning. I like it because it keeps my hands warm on my walk to work. When I get to work, I drink the tea because I may as well. Then I proceed to leave my mugs at work for a week until my desk is one drink away from being the star of Hoarders: Office Edition.

Really Shannon? Lock it up. It’s not that hard to just bring that home each day.

Also on my needs improvement list is that nasty kitchen floor of mine. I will spare you all the photo because you will use your judging eyes, hardcore.

It’s a matte finished laminate floor (I have no idea what it really is, I’m not a floor expert, but that’s my best guess). I’m sure matte finish looks more hip or something, but it is not worth it. Put that on my list of things to remember when I own  a house someday. Wait, that’s a great idea for a Google Doc!

{Five minute break to create said Google Doc}

The matte finish always looks dirty. Like, right now.  I need to lock it up and get on that.

On a much more serious note, my dear friend Erin is a college counselor at a high school outside of St. Louis. Her school has experienced three suicides in the last month. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

I challenge you to show kindness and affection to all the people in your life. Let’s make sure everyone feels loved. Let’s double-check that everyone, especially teens have someone to listen to them. Give hugs, give smiles, give a few extra bucks or a few extra minutes to people who need it.  Also, if you’re feeling vulnerable, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.


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