The truth about cupcakes

12 Nov

Everyone, I have a deep dark confession to make. I, Shannon Whitney, am not a cupcake person.

Let’s be clear, I LOVE EATING CUPCAKES. And pretty much every desert. I generally really like to cook. I’m not a huge baker, but now and then I do a pan of brownies. I made cupcakes for probably the second time in my life and I did not enjoy it.

But cupcakes are so hot right now (say that in the Zoolander voice, I dare you). Erin is the cupcake queen. She loves to make them and try new recipes. Hers always turn out beautiful. My roommate Mandy, she makes them for birthdays and they are divine. But why not me?

I made them last week for Decision 25 (Josh’s election-themed 25th bday party). They were tasty and colorful, but, well, they looked a little homemade if you know what I mean.

Here they are pre-icing. Notice the food coloring swirls.

Yes, we do have bright purple counter tops. It took a lot longer than expected to swirl each cupcake. I also poured cake batter all over the kitchen.

Next was the icing/sprinkling phase. These cupcakes were inspired by a Fourth of July sprinkle pack I found on sale a few months ago. I reallllly wanted to bust those babies out.

Even if they took 3xs longer than a pan of brownies. There was love (and sprinkles and food coloring) in every bite.

I lift my hat to you, cupcake makers. You are far more patient and skilled than I at the art of making single-serving desserts.


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