Best sale of my life

9 Nov

So I don’t know why I’ve been saving this story for you all week. This is defiantly a sharer. After telling it at least 8 times this week, I thought it’s about time to blog it.

For reference, my mom is the ULTIMATE bargain shopper.  She has shaped me into the woman that I am in so many ways. Namely, I do not buy anything full price. Half will power, half shopping genetics. All sale.

This weekend I was back in STL and my mom and I happened upon the GREATEST DEALZ OF ALL TIMES.

We ran to JCPenny’s “real quick” to look for a purse. There were oodles of clearance. We browsed for a few minutes, found some things we liked.

After trying it all on, some of the clothes went into the “yes” pile, others in the “maybe but not today” pile.

We hurry to the register to check out. We decided on a dress ($5), a shirt ($5) and another shirt ($10- I know, big spender).  Before my mom swipes her card (I’m not too old to shop with my mom), she asks, “Did those all ring up on clearance?”

The sales lady answers, “Yep, that shirt was $5 and the other two were twenty-five cents.”

My mom and I stare at the register display and then at each other.

Are you sure? Like, a quarter? Is that stealing?

The JCP employee explains that they are trying to clear out a lot of merchandise.

Mom swipes the card and then we dash back to the dressing rooms to find the “maybe but not today” loot. After scanning that and finding 2 shirts and a skirt for $.25 each, we check out again. Grand total for the day: $6.25 + tax.

Leaving the store we’re giggling like hyenas. When we get in the car, I say to my mom, “I feel like we just stole something.”

That’s how we do bargains ladies and gentlemen. Just consider that our warm up for Black Friday.

I received no endorsement from J.C. Penny for writing this post. But JCP people, if you’re reading this, I would love to review some of your stuff in exchange for free things. In the meantime, everyone should probs check out what’s left of the sale rack.


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