I should be

8 Nov

This week has been full of a lot of “I should be’s.” I feel like I’m leaving a few things undone, but hey YOLO.

I should be:

  • Returning phone calls. Emily and Kristen, you are on the top of my list. Mom too.
  • Studying for that exam next week.
  • Writing one of the two papers looming in my future.
  • Laundry.
  • Eating more veggies.
  • Not taking a nap when I have 15 minutes to spare.

Instead this week has been spent catching up with friends, volunteering at the shelter and watching history happen.

Whether you are happy or not with the election results, you should at least be happy about how the night played out on social media. It was more entertaining than all of the smart boards, ice maps and in-depth looks at 2008 elections results put together.

I’m going to write Facebook and suggest my most brilliant idea yet. Yes, it’s more brilliant than Sew Shannon, Erin.

Facebook should charge every person $1 each time he or she posts a nonfactual, ignorant or plainly offensive status. There were many. I’m not saying it’s not entertaining, because it totally is. I just would like to see that money go to pay off the national debt “crisis” or buy children winter coats, or something. They could be raking in big buck$.

If you’re not on Twitter, I recommend you get there in the next 4 years before you miss another tweeted election.









Also, I’m exploring some advertising options, so get at me if you want in on it. It’s all free right now.

In other great news, I hit 600 Twitter followers today. That’s worth celebrating.


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