6 Nov

I hope you took a little time to vote today! You know that’s totally my jam. I really love the outpouring of all things patriotic on social media. Can we do that year-round?

Is everyone else dying of anticipation? I just want to know who won already. I want champagne to be sprayed all over me like this…

Also, on my journey to becoming internet famous, I must tip my hat to my new friend Erin over at Artsocial. If you’re not already reading her blog, check it. She’s a fashion resource, she loves art and she just seems like an all-around pal. Judging by her groovy posts, she’s way better dressed than me. I’m not mad about it.

Did anyone else spot that Rothko?? We are meant for each other.

Aaaand she has a baller sponsor this month.


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