The mandatory Halloween post

30 Oct

I stinking love Halloween. It ties with Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day as my second favorite holiday (first place favorite holiday is a tie between Fourth of July and New Years). Ok, so I just love all holidays.

Corny things like door hangers, festive earrings and themes make me so happy. Naturally, Halloween calls for pretty much all of those things.

I was Harry Potter this year, hence the dirt on my forehead.

It’s also one of the few holidays that is about exactly what it is about. We don’t have to tiptoe around cultural and religious differences. There is no “reason for the season,” well except candy, which is the best reason ever. I acknowledge that All Souls Day is a religious holiday, but that’s the day after.

I have so many wonderful Halloween memories! My mom, mom of the year, would make or help us make our costumes each year. We used a lot of stuff from around the house and some make up for whiskers or whatever. The Whitneys are really into costumes and dress up.

My dad always took us trick-or-treating. He dressed up at Garth Brooks pretty much every year. Actually for a short time during my childhood I thought he may have actually been Garth. The Whitneys are also into county music.

I remember my first time trick-or-treating without any parents. Making up jokes and songs with my friends in middle school. Side note: in St. Louis you actually have to tell a joke to get candy. Us Lou kids know how to put in some work, just sayin.

That night was spent counting all of my loot. My mom would try to tell us to not eat too much candy, then slyly ask us to share with her. Julie and Will would trade me for their butterfingers. Since we went to Catholic school, we always had the next day off!

Most of the rest of that week was spent in a moderate sugar coma. Here are some Halloween costumes from Halloweens past.

Erin and I being crayons. She has red hair, get it?

Erin and I being Sophia Grace and Rosie. I have a thing for couples costumes with Erins.

Probs my best one: Gaga. All of those things are things I already owned.

So what’s my costume this year? I’ll give you a hint… it’s another couple one. Not with an Erin.

**Special thanks to my parents for giving me permission and access to these photo from the Whitney Family archive. **


One Response to “The mandatory Halloween post”

  1. mom October 30, 2012 at 9:40 pm #

    Well put–I stinking loved all those Halloweens too! You forgot to tell the world wide web about bar graphing your candy assortment. And one of your best fetes–the pose does Wizard of Oz!! Also starting the night @ McDonalds cuz trick or treaters got free burgers. Thanks for the memories, I’ll go to sleep smiling, XXOO Mom

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