Many tigers, one roar

29 Oct

(That was the MU homecoming theme this year. It’s always a tiger pun.)

This weekend was a giant ball of black and gold love. I’m both happy and sad it’s over.

Thursday, I kicked if off in true homecoming fashion at Harpos. I try to stay away in my new-found maturity, but here and there I have to make the pilgrimage back to those sacred grounds and pay my dues in quarter draws.

Friday involved reunions of all kinds, house decs and running into everyone I know at Quinten’s. Seriously, everyone. Don’t cha just love that? I’m one of those people who wants to be surrounded by friends and familiar faces. Since graduation it doesn’t happen very often, it just made me feel so at home.

Saturday was a whirlwind of tailgates, family, friends and Josh’s family doing flips. Naturally the evening ended downtown with another successful bartering of cover by moi! It’s one of my many gifts and talents.

I am so happy to be able to share stories and laughs in some of my favorite places with people who make me truly feel like myself. Even though I live in Columbia, homecoming is still very meaningful. It’s weird and sometimes hard to be an adult and know that all that fun is over, but it’s so refreshing to be back with the people in the place that means so much.

Ok, if my nostalgic rambling hasn’t yet brought you to tears, please watch this video. I made it for work and it’s the cutest.


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