Happy Homecoming

25 Oct

It really is one of my favorite holidays. All of my friends, family as well as the rest of the Mizzou community comes home to celebrate our glorious alma mater and the magnificent times we shared in these hallowed halls. I’m sorry, am I getting too poetic?

Well Mizzou did invent homecoming after all. That’s right in 1911. Read all about it. Yep, my school is the coolest.

I’m so pumped to see Ashley, Erin, Brian, Adrienne and all the rest. You can find us at some of our favorite places on the town.

Group hug? On the Quad?


Two Erins in one weekend? I could pee my pants.


Even though I get to be on campus whenever I want and I go to every football game, it’s still special. I love the decorations, the spirit, the golden dome and all the memories. Senior year I was so lucky to be part of the court. My family came to Columbia in droves. I was so proud to show off my home to them. October 2010 will hold a special place in my heart forever.


My heart beats a little faster as I look at these pictures. College really was my glory days. I was so blessed to have such a supportive family to make it possible, the craziest friends and engaging involvement. I would not trade 2007-2011 for anything in the world. Seriously, it was so great.

So don’t mind me this weekend reliving my glory days. I’ll be the one in black and gold giving giant hugs to all.


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