Emotional unload & seasonal confusion

24 Oct

So the Cardinals lost on Monday night. No World Series, no #12in12. Bummer. I was unhappy when the game ended (9-0 woof). But I wasn’t as crushed as I expected to be. I’m not really sure why.

Maybe because last year was so magical, that this year couldn’t possibly top it? Maybe because we showed no signs of life for two whole games, so I knew in my red heart that a comeback wasn’t coming? Maybe because I was studying stats and I knew failing a test would be worse (personally) than not making it to the Series.

This blogger said it best. (Thanks Kristen who put this on someone’s wall. I borrowed)

I’m sad it’s over, but I’m glad we made it this far. I’m glad I can finally wash my Cardinal crew neck rally sweatshirt.

For the sake of humanity, I cannot wait until every player on the Cardinals team gets a haircut and a shave. Superstition is a thing, I’m a believer too, but some of that hair looks FILTHY. I hope they all got a group discount on crew cuts in the San Fran airport. We all deserve that after a long post-season run.

The only man who can truly own the long, sorta greasy hair is John Stamos. See?

Have mercy.

Instead of mourning, on Tuesday I woke up and rocked a test (I hope at least). I felt pretty good walking out of there, so I guess now I’ll just wait on the grade.

Side note: I bought potatoes for the first time in my life. Weird, right? And they were sweet potatoes, so does that even count? It’s like the potatoes healthy little ginger cousin. Steph taught me to make sweet potato fries, which turned out wonderful!

Speaking of seasons, it’s been absolutely warm and wonderful lately. Since Missouri is lucky enough to have four real seasons,  we get used to sensory clues and associate feelings. Right now it’s 80 degrees and sunny. It’s a little sticky and breezy. When I’m outside I feel and smell and dress like April. Today I didn’t even need a cardi with my short-sleeved shirt.

Do not get me wrong, I am not mad about it at all. This weather is probably my second favorite kind of weather. I take a few more weeks of dresses sans tights and boots.

The only alarming thing is this weather triggers spring feelings in anticipation of summer and vacations and lake time and tan legs and bbq’s and the smell of sunscreen and watermelon and snowcones and fireworks.  What I should be anticipating is winter with family and holidays and turkey and sweaters and scarfs and snow and christmas music and extra mail and shopping and candles.

I think it’s supposed to be int he 50’s this weekend, but for right now I’m pretending it’s April.


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