Quick update

22 Oct

Ok, hi everyone! I have about two seconds here and a million things to tell you. I will do as God did to Moses and make a little list.

1. Great weekend. A whole lot of nothing, but very relaxing.

2. I’m feeling 88% better! Josh says hanging out with him is the miracle cure, but I think it’s a mix of nyquil, dayquil, great weather, no plans and sleep. Or maybe it’s Josh.

3. Argo was so intense and so worth seeing. Really, take your special someone on a date.

4. Looper, also quality film. I saw both this weekend- whaaaa? That doubled my number of movies in theaters for 2012.


6. Stats exam tomorrow. I should be freaking out.

7. It’s unseasonably warm here. It even smells summery and I couldn’t be happier.

8. I forgot about my leftover Chipotle in the fridge. Guess what I’m having for lunch tomorrow?

9. I need to stop writing and get back to studying/cheering.

10. Have a wonderful week! More to come…


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