18 Oct

Ugggh. I’m sick everyone. And I’m mad about it.

I take pretty good care of myself. I eat vegetables EVERYDAY. I only miss my vitamins like once a week. Each night I take out my contacts and rinse them (all for you Emily!). I exercise on the regular. I wear coats when it’s chilly (all for you mom!). I wash my hands on the regular. How did I get sick?

I haven’t a clue.

But here I am, coughing like a pack-a-day smoker.  My head is a little achy and I feel like a weeks worth of sleep could be the miracle cure.

As I hack phlegm up (TMI?) and do shots of cough syrup, I know I’m not feeling much better. Not worse either, but not better at all.

I’m drinking tea and OJ like it’s my job. On Tuesday I bought oranges and more couch medicine. This should clear up any day.

I have to ask myself the million dollar question: Do I go to the doctor?  Do I wait it out?

If I go to the doctor I might get meds and this could all go away. Or I could wait in a germ-filled waiting room for a while and then be told it’s just a little virus and I’m doing all of the right things.

If I don’t go to the doctor, this could all clear up tomorrow. Or I could still have this nasty cough when my jean skirt comes back in style in 2016. Let’s all hope I still can fit into my size 6 jean skirt when that fateful day rolls around.

I’ll give it one more day.

Whelp, at least there is Cardinal baseball to keep me company. Oh and a stats exam on Tuesday I should probably start preparing for yesterday.

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