TV I dig

17 Oct

I’m not a huge TV watcher. Don’t get me wrong, there are some shows I love, but I’ve never been really good at keeping up with them.

My roommates this year decided we needed DVR, so now there is more potential for watching ones I miss, but really, no promises.

Shannon’s Top Seven TV Shows 2012:

1. Parks and Rec- Funniest show on TV right now. I worship Amy Pohler/Leslie Knope.

2. The New Girl- I LOL during this one a lot too. Sometimes Zooey is too adorkable for me, but Schmidt really carries the show.

3. Game of Thrones- Read the books, watch the show. Both are incredibly engaging and wildly entertaining (do I sound like a TV critic now or what?).

4. Newsroom- Intense and fast-paced.

5. Glee (sometimes)- The music and dancing are way too much fun. I can’t really follow the plot much, but I don’t even care.

6. The Mindy Project (I hope)-  It shows a lot of promise and I think Mindy is hilarious.

7. Veronica Mars (RIP)- One of the only shows I’ve seen every episode (there are only 3 seasons). It’s more addictive than I imagine cocaine to be. Too bad it’s been off the air for eight years now.


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