Black and GOLD Color Run

15 Oct

This weekend my friends Angela, Erin and I (along with some other ladies) participated in the Black and Gold Color Run. It was a college colors spin-off of the popular color runs that are popping up all over.

The premise is, as you run, people throw colored cornstarch at you. By the end of the course you are a mess. It’s awesome.

Here’s a before photo. (All photos compliments of my friend Angela and her waterproof/colorproof camera)

See? So clean. Our race shirts were plain black long-sleeved shirts and all the color thrown at this race was gold. So it was the best of both worlds: messy and Mizzou.

At the starting line were given dixie cups of gold to throw before beginning. It was some kind of dyed cornstarch. The softness and powderyness (that’s a word, right?) reminded me of the consistency of baby powder. We yelled MIZ-ZOU a lot and tossed it up into the air in a giant cloud of yellow. This is what it was like.

Then the race started in heats. It was not timed or competitive, so we saw tons of kids, strollers and a few dogs. Since it was a two-mile course, lots walked and took their time.

Our race swag bags included those sweet sunglasses so we weren’t temporarily blinded by yellow cornstarch. You know I love free shades any way I can get them. Angela and I smartly decided to leave our contacts at home so we ran Stevie Wonder-style.

There were two color stations along the way where people sprayed color on the racers as they passed. It was great to slow down and dance through the stations a little bit, trying to get maximum gold. After each color station was a water station. The water tasted suspiciously chalky and we decided we weren’t THAT thirsty.

Two miles later- here’s what we looked like:

Angela nails the ultimate jumping for joy pic.

It was fun to not only run through so much gold, but also to be surrounded my Mizzou fans too. As we walked back to my house, we shook some of the gold from our clothes. I think it will all probably wash out. I’ll let you know after the wash lady (me) does my laundry.

I also got to take a really fun gold shower. The clean up was surprisingly not terrible, but I’m glad I wore my old tennis shoes because I’m not sure they will ever be totally clean again. 

All in all, if you haven’t tried a color run, do it! If they have one near you with school spirit, double do it! If you don’t like to get messy, don’t do it.


2 Responses to “Black and GOLD Color Run”

  1. MrNickleBack October 16, 2012 at 6:17 am #

    The stevie wonder comment,although comonplace on sunray, might be found offensive by some??

    • smwhitney October 16, 2012 at 9:34 am #

      You know it’s a good day when you’re dad checks you for political correctness!

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