Check engine

9 Oct

I know I am a lucky woman.

I believe that is due to good karma from that time in college I picked up some trash on campus literally just because it was bothering me. Or maybe it was that time I gave a strange drunk girl a ride home because she could no longer walk in her heels and it was too dark to walk alone. During the ride, as she repeated over and over about how I saved her life, assuring me she really wasn’t “that drunk” (oh but she was), she was judging my Friday night pajamas with her eyes. Anyways, I got some good karma in the bank if you know what I mean.

So on Sunday, my check engine light went on in my car. I bought my car in December and I have had pretty much no problems with it since then. That alone is my favorite thing about my car.

For reference, I drove a ’95 Buick LaSabre before that, which was literally falling apart. Thanks to me, the passenger side mirror was duct taped on. While it did build a lot of character and I now know the names of many important car parts, I also spent a lot of time wondering if I would have to get out to push. Or accept help from a creepy person on the side of the highway. Luckily it never got to that.

So since December, I have had no worries with my car except if I need to fill up the gas tank. I know, I’m such a princess. Some people probably never know that feeling, take my word, it. is. wonderful.

Sunday when my check engine light went on, my heart dropped. I thought, “Not now! I don’t want to start this.” Because if I know anything about cars they either have a lot of problems or no problems at all.

I tried to get in to AAmaco to get it diagnosed but the AAmaco in Columbia doesn’t answer their phones (?). In the meantime, I was driving as little as possible. I did have to drive to the library though (I know Dad, I could have walked but it was dark and cold).

I run in, drop off my overdue book and pick up a few things I had on reserve. One of them happens to be an audio book I picked out for the drive to St. Louis tomorrow. I jump back in my car and LO AND BEHOLD… the check engine light is off!

So it turns out, all my car needed was an audio book, not for me to have the engine checked.

Now, please stay off little annoying light.


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