(Internet) Famous

8 Oct

We all kind of want to be a little famous, right? I have no desire for paparazzi (you should meet my aunts). More importantly, I’m sorta ok at a lot of things, but not awesome at any one thing. My future in sports was cut short after getting cut from field hockey sophomore year of high school. I’m not a fast runner or good at figure skating. I was a very consistent chorus girl, but never a lead. I’m not mad about it, I can’t sing. I wouldn’t give me a part either.

I do really want to be on the Ellen Show though. So naturally, I’ve readjusted my goals from “win an olympic gold medal” to “get internet famous.” And not in the Kim Kardashian way.

Blogging is pretty sweet because you get a chance to make new internet friends. Even though they live in other cities and states and even countries, I still feel a bond with these people because I get to get in their heads a few times each week or even each day. I will never dance with them at Alley Bar or go shopping with them. I will probably not get invited to their weddings or birthday cocktails.

Sometimes when I think about all the people who I will never actually be friends with, I get a little bummed. Then one writes a really interesting or funny or though provoking post and I’m not so sad anymore.

I’m working on a big ole post full of my favorite blogs so you too can be friends with them. In the meantime, I’m plotting ways to get internet famous asap. Taking tips!

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