STL Friends

5 Oct

I used to call my friends from high school my “friends from home” or “my friends from high school” when I tell people about them. They were my friends before I got cool. They know me. And by that I mean they’ve spent a lot more time with my family and in my Buick LaSabre than most of my college and post-college friends.

Some of them are back in St. Louie, so I try to catch up often. Most of us are all over the place. We see each other around Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter. It’s so refreshing to go back to STL and spend a night in someone’s basement or at Helen’s catching up on life and loading up on high school gossip.

We’ve all grown up (a little) but we’ll always have CJA in common. And the Lakehouse. And Sr. Mo (x2). And Celine Dion. And kilts. And

Sorry for that stroll down memory lane.

There are many high school friends with whom I’ve lost contact with over the past five years. I guess those are my “high school friends” and now my still friends from high school are just my “St. Louis Friends.” I know, some of them don’t live in St. Louis anymore, but that’s where we met and learned the words to Shaniqua Don’t Live Here No More.


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