Goldie 2.0

3 Oct

Great news everyone!!! Stephanie, you might know her from Heffernanderson, went to Chicago this weekend and bought me a replacement Goldie from NY&C!!!!!

So you can halt your prayers to St. Anthony. Well, actually continue praying, just for a more worthy cause like this or this.

Isn’t she beautiful??

Goldie 2.0

I took this picture of her in case she ever goes missing again. It’s good to have something on file for the Have You Seen This Watch? posters/blog post.

They actually carry this watch in the Columbia store, but it hasn’t been on sale lately. Steph found it for $10!. Sorry there are so many exclamation points in this post, I’m just having a lot of feelings!!!

At first, when Goldie went missing, I wore my digital running watch. It’s didn’t look so hot with business casual. My mom took my Tinkerbell watch to get repaired. I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks now:

Tink watch

As much as I love Tink, it’s a very understated watch. Just look at the difference:

Goldie 2.0 in actionMind blowing, I know. So now I have Goldie for when I’m feeling fancy and Tink is more of my weekend watch. I also have a running watch for when I’m sporty spice (aka huffing and puffing out 3 mile runs). Gosh, with all of these time pieces I’m turning into a princess.

I promise to be more careful with this watch and not misplace it to never be found again. Promise.

p.s. Yes, I’m still rocking the Summer Welcome climbing rope bracelet. I can’t bring myself to cut it off. And beside it is my ponytail. A lady is nothing without a ponytail handy.

p.s.s. I’m also doing this if you want in on some christmas fun + new blog friends.


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