HBO’s the Newsroom

1 Oct

{{no spoilers, that’s just my style}}

So I try not to get too attached to TV shows in general. It’s too easy to sit on the couch instead of being active or getting things done. But sometimes I find a real winner.

Take Veronica Mars for example, greatest show eva. Well, Josh and I watched the Newsroom these past few weeks. He (or his sister & her husband/his roomamtes) have HBO and TiVo or what ever the kids are calling those magic boxes that record TV these days. It was only 10 episodes and it was life-changing.

It’s about a newsroom, I know, real shocker. Starting in 2010, it follows a nightly cable newshour. The team (famous anchor, exec producer and team of producers and reporters, etc) and thier brave attempt to make the news a courtroom for viewers. Aaron Sorkin uses real events and politicans to tell the story of this news team. Watch this for a taste. Excuse the language.

Will McAvoy is the big-headed, brilliant anchor. He is the journalist who is not afraid to ask point blank questions to the candidates and politicans on TV. He used to be a prosecuter and it toally shows.

The whole premise of the show resides on the fast that people in the media do not have to own up to their words or truly defend their actions/speech. So true. Will loves to corner tea partiers and make them defend what they claim to be all about. Clearly there is a liberal slant although the main character is a staunch Republican. Some of the arguments are undeniable though.

Watch this (no plot spoilers here).

There is also some terrible love triangle writing. Like real bad. It seems to be loosely based on Jim and Pam from the Office. Jim Halpert and Jim Harper, come on. I cringe because the characters are a little sad and slow to figure out their feelings. Like more sad and slow than people in real life.

My real favorite part is grabbing Josh’s arm and saying, “Ohmygosh are they going to call it???” It gives me such a news high. It feels so great to be the first person to learn the news, to break history. This j-school alum gets goosebumps on the regular from just watching.

Also, I love that they eat pizza on election night. Seriously, the best night of the year.


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