My first Badgers game

27 Sep

As I mentioned earlier this week, I had a lovely first visit to Madison, WI. Truly a cool town (city?), with a young, vibrant feel. Oh, and lots of cheese.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the Wisconsin Badgers game. It was my first non-Mizzou college football game. I’ve seen the Tigers play at CU in Boulder, Iowa State in Ames and at University of Nebraska in Lincoln. All awesome, but all viewed through the eyes of an away fan.

This time I was a Badger fan. I wore red for three reasons:

1. Our tickets were in the UW student section

2. I don’t know what UTEP even stands for… something in Texas?

3. I just bought some great red pants at Old Navy

Did you know Camp Randall is not a summer getaway where you make arts and crafts? Fooled me. Turns out it’s their stadium named after a civil war camp. It’s both big and full of red.

The student section was slow to fill up, but by the end of the first quarter, there wasn’t an empty bleacher. How very Mizzou of you. Many of these seats were filled by people wearing red and white stripped overalls. There must have been a big sale the week before we came.

Wisconsin football fans LOVE cheers. They had more songs and cheers than my seventh grade softball team (that’s a lot if you didn’t follow the OLP Eagles circa 2002). It made for an incredibly fun atmosphere.

We tried to follow along with the hand motions, but it’s hard. My favorite was the one with something about the light of the moon. The fight song seemed nice too. Lots of air punching. I think by the end of the game I could anticipate when to stop clapping and punch the air.

After a big play the cheerleaders held up signs one at a time that said “We,” “Want” and “More.” All the students chanted along “We- Want- Beer.” Hats off to you Badgers fans.

The cheerleaders also had a few different outfit changes as the afternoon warmed up. the WU equivalent of the Golden Girls (aka the dance team) was a little less good and their hair didn’t quite meet GG standards, but life goes on.

It was November-style cold by Missouri standards. I did not see a sundress the whole day. It’s perfectly fine by me to go to games in jeans in sweatshirts like our ancestors intended.

During timeouts, there were many sing-a-longs including a stadium-wide dance to Gangnam Style. After touchdowns everyone rocked back and forth and it felt like we were all about to die in the coolest way possible. After the third quarter we jumped around which was a 80,000 person dance party. Cray.

Tigers tailgate in Wisconsin!

By far, the highlight of the whole game was the wave. I know, the wave. It is clearly a school tradition because it was orchestrated with ease and precision. First the wave went around the whole stadium. As it got closer to a section, people were yelling “Come on! Come on!” After it passed, they yelled “Go! Go!” ushering the wave away. Everyone participated.

Just when we thought the fun was over… the wave went for its second lap, this time in slow motion. Even the people cheering it on cheered in slow motion. Once that was over it went around super fast. Josh and I laughed so hard the whole time.

This video kinda shows it, but you really just need to see it for yourself.

After about five solid minutes of the wave, I remembered that we were supposed to be watching a football game. Oh yeah.

There were other chants and cheers that I won’t blog about here because there might be kids reading this blog. One I will share is during the third down on defense. Everyone is supposed to make noise to distract the opposing quarterback or whatever. The students in section O yelled “OOOOOOO” and held up their hands like an O. We were next to them in section N and we held up our hands in N’s and yelled “NNNNNNN.” Maybe you had to be there. It took us a few quarters to figure out why we were doing that.

“Why am I holding up backwards  N?”

I was sad to leave in the fourth quarter to watch the Tigers get crushed by South Carolina. The whole place just felt nice. It was both the best and worst sportsmanship I’d ever seen. People were super welcoming, but really got into cheers that weren’t always welcoming. Isn’t that what football’s about?

All in all, go to Madison, watch the Badgers. I give it two paws up. Wait… Badgers have paws, right?

2 Responses to “My first Badgers game”

  1. Mr D-Back September 28, 2012 at 9:43 am #

    As the Psy of Crestwood (ask WDW) I say “Hey Sexy Lady Whoop ’em Gangnam style”

    • smwhitney September 28, 2012 at 9:47 am #

      Dad, I cannot believe you said that.

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