It’s Me!

26 Sep

At my office we have a chime attached to the door. It gives a little ring whenever the door opens. No one sits at the front desk anymore, so when we hear the chime, someone has to come out of his or her office and answer the door. Usually it’s sales people, elderly patients lost in our building or UPS.

The four of us who work in the office always say, “It’s me,” when we walk in so no one jumps up. We each have distinct enough voices that this works pretty well.

When I do it, I try not to sing it like Frauline Maria on the hills.


Whenever I walk into a place that has a doorbell, like say the pharmacy next door that provides my weekly Milky Way, I want to yell, “It’s me!” I try to hold back.

Today I walked into my office with my headphones in and thought I didn’t hear the doorbell. I turned around to see it was missing from the frame. Now I’m just lookin a fool when I proclaim to my office that I have arrived. Old habits die hard.

((GIF is not my own))


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