Is anyone else lol-ing?

17 Sep

I like to stay hip to the fresh trends on the internet, because I’m like that. Not saying I adopt many of those trends for my own look or home or party or whatever, but I know what the kids are up to these days. There are a few that seriously make me laugh when I see them. It’s not because they are horrible. See previous post for details. It’s because they are so out of place.

Let’s take the most obvious example: mason jars. They are the decorating RAGE right now. People are using them for glasses, candle holders, soap dispensers, party lights, center pieces, etc. Just google it, or better yet, Pinterest it. Everyone is really into glass jars. If my grandma knew where we kept the internet she would be so confused. Why would people use old jars that she puts her tomato juice in at their weddings?

Drinking out of mason jars used to be reserved for hole in the wall cowboy bars. I have yet to find and frequent one of these, but I know my roommate Mandy would gladly accompany me if/when we do find one. I only know they use mason jars for drinking because of country songs.

Could it be because they a reminiscent of days of old, when we canned vegetables on the farm? Do they take us back to our simple upbringing? Probably not, they are just super trendy right now. Also, I hate to be the one to point this out, but they are really hard to drink out of, FYI.

Will tuna cans be really trendy next?

Same thing with burlap. I know it’s chic right now, but did you know that is used for feed sacks? At work, we plan events and burlap came up at some point. I just had this picture in my mind of one of our administrators who grew up in the country walking up to me and asking if this was a barn-themed wine tasting. It would then be my job to explain that young people think this kind of stuff is cool. It’s like trying to explain twitter to someone who doesn’t have the internet. It means nothing at all.

These margaritas wouldn’t taste the same if served in margarita glasses.

Let’s move on to something a little more personal: camouflage. Being the daughter of an avid hunter, I know that camouflage is for the woods. It is used to blend into the forest or hide from animals you are about to eat. All the camo I grew up around was my dad’s hunting clothes and accessories gear. My dad has many talents, being fashionable is not one of them.

Needless to say, I do not associate camo with fashion. Or really anything I would wear not in the woods. So, why would people buy camo mini skirts? Why does anyone make camouflage purses? Why do people living in a city need any camo at all? I haven’t a clue. Don’t even get me started on pink camouflage which is only necessary when you’re hunting in Barbie’s forest.

I do not hunt, so the only camo I will buy is Miller High Life during deer season. That’s just for kicks.

In the same vein, it’s cool to have plaster animal heads as decoration these days. My mom has been very steadfast in saying no to all taxidermied animals in her home. My dad would probably love a wall of deer heads, but mom says they don’t match her mauve and hunter decor (and she just doen’t like them). We have one pair of tastefully mounted antlers in the entry way. They always seem to look like someone grew horns when we take photos in there.

These plaster heads are showing up all over the place. Personally, not my jam. Also, it strikes me as weird because hunters use these as trophies. Each tells a story of a hunt and has a little bit of personal pride (and usually a whole lot of bragging). Yours is just made of plaster and from Pier One.

But hey, do your thang. Even if it involves me drinking out of mason jars when I come over.


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