Sorry bout that

13 Sep

Ok friends, this week has been straight cray. I really need a weekend all to myself to get back on track, but maybe that’ll happen in, say, November. I promise some posts that will melt your face off with awesomeness and witty writing in the near future.

They are almost done, but I really need my intern (That’s what I call myself when I have to put in a ponytail and really get to working. Everyone knows that you just aren’t as productive with your hair on your shoulders/face/everything) to get her life together and put the finishing touches on them. Also I need her(me) to get a haircut.

I’m still mourning the tragic loss of Goldie (my favorite watch). It’s been rough on me, but I will persevere.

For today, I’m going to leave you with this.


Thanks to Pinterest. Face-melting posts to come!


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