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10 Sep

Josh: This (frozen HyVee) pizza is soooo good. Did you put extra cheese on it?

Me: No, but that sounds like something I would do.

Josh: Yeah, that’s because I’ve seen you do it before.


{My coworker asked if anyone had some Tylenol or ibuprofen at work. I did, so I gave her some.}

Me: Don’t tell anyone I shared. I’m sure this is against some rule.

Her: Haven’t you seen that episode of 7th Heaven?

Me: The one where they give their coworkers headache medicine?

Her: No, the one where all the kids get suspended for a week on the first day of school for breaking silly rules. One of the girls shares her Tylenol.

Me: That could be us.


This is not funny. I am missing my gold watch. It’s from New York & Company and it cost $10 but it is very dear to me!!!!! If anyone sees it, please give it back so I can stop being angry every single morning when I still haven’t found it. That was a silly cry for help since I’m pretty sure I lost it myself. But really, where would I have lost a watch? I never take it off.

In the meantime, I’ll be the person in business causal wearing a sporty, digital watch. At least it’s water-proof, so my tears won’t ruin it.


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