Goodbye little earring

6 Sep

Today has really just been a strange day. I mean, I spent two hours taking photos of a three-legged dog in our hospital (links to the story later!). I also had a meeting about a coloring book and listened to Bill Clinton’s DNC speech while I worked on a design project. A whirlwind of sorts.

The most tragic part of my day was sitting in that coloring book meeting, one of the nurses stops in the middle of her sentence and says, “Do you know that you’re only wearing one earring?”

“Uhhh no.”

I frantically feel my left ear and confirm the bad news. As cooly as I can, I shake my hair a little bit, half expecting to hear the little rhinestone bow hit the floor. Of course, it doesn’t. I walk back to my office with one pathetic earring. Once I got back I searched for that bow. True, they were from Claire’s and not sentimental at all. Gone for good. RIP little earring. It’s sure been fun.

20120906-150410.jpgBig game and big plans this weekend. See ya at the tailgates:)

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