Summer Superlatives

31 Aug

So my favorite couple to read about and pretend I know in real life is John and Sherry from Young House Love. They are full-time bloggers and DIYers and I’m currently working on a scheme to get them to adopt me. At the end of each month, they do a superlatives post about the best of what they did that month. They post at least two times a day, so they have lots of choices.

Since it’s almost Labor Day, I figured I’d borrow from John and $herdog (she really calls herself that too) and tell you the best things that happened to me. Also, no one asked me to share these things during my first week of school, so I really need an outlet.

Dryest: Missouri. Our whole state had a big ole drought this summer. We’re actually getting leftover Isaac rain as I type. All of our grass was yellow, driving through farmland was depressing and my car is the dirtiest she’s ever been, ever.

Most Miles: Aida, my trusty (newish) car. I did a lot of driving this summer and her and I sung Thoroughly Modern Mille at the top of our lungs to Iowa and to St. Louis a million times.

Most Surprised:  Josh when I showed up in Dallas.

Little did I know I was about to have the best grilled cheese of my LIFE the next day.

Most steadfast friend: Dance with Dragons, the fifth installation of The Song of Ice and Fire. I think I literally read it ALL summer. And I finished it (takes bows). It was great and needless to say, I’m ready for more. George R.^2, if you’re reading this, please publish that sixth book early 2013!!

Party Pooper: The fireworks ban this Fourth of July. It was my first Fourth in my memory of not celebrating with pyrotechnics.

Best Dancer: Me, clearly. This weekend will mark my sixth wedding since Memorial Day, including one crashed one. Luckily, I love weddings.

Most likely to star in a commercial: Also yours truly.

Least fun part of the summer: Online class. Boooooo.

Worst softball team ever: Saved By the Balls. We seriously won one game all summer.

Best Olympic watch partner: Erin. We ate batter batter blasts (which are discontinued, in case you are wondering) in bed in her hotel room as we cheered the USA ladies to an all-around gold in gymnastics.

Are you ready for some [SEC] footballlllllllll?


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